Monday, January 3, 2011

For the Love of Dog!

Dog houses sure have come a long way since I last checked decades ago. What a neat business it would be to design dog mansions. These houses were created by custom doghouse design artists.  This house (at left) is by La Petite Maison and sells for a mere $30,000.  Link

This house (at right) is most likely for the stately kind of dog of a government official. Note the living room lighting effect.  So where's the butler? This manor is estimated to be $25,000 and is the work of craftsman Alan Mowrer one of the most reknown builders. Link

This house (at left) even has a dog bone shaped pool for the dog to relax in!  Check out the cobble stone house fit for a human.  It seems to be missing a barbecue though.  Link
Some of the houses come with a bonus doggy love doll toy. Link
Ummm. . . Gourmet Doggy Biscuits!  Served fresh at their doggy mansion daily. Link

Just what every dog needs. Doggy a-hole covers! 

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