Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mel Gibson to Be Charged - Faces Possible Prison Term

Looks like Mel Gibson's about to have criminal charges filed against him by the Los Angeles District Attorney for hitting his ex girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva and mother of his young daughter last year.  According to today's The Sun's article, Mel's about to be charged.  Other sources claim it's still being decided if Gibson will be charged.  If Gibson's not charged, it's clearly another demonstration of gender discrimination and how men work together to cover-up for their manly image in the justice system.
"The Los Angeles District Attorney has apparently granted Gibson's criminal lawyer a last-ditch meeting late Tuesday afternoon, as she sought to persuade authorities not to charge the actor with any type of criminal domestic battery or abuse in a felony capacity." -

After posting Gibson's crazy rants and behavior in my previous post, I'm surprised it took this long to bring Gibson to justice. He's a cruel man whose completely out- of-line. Gibson obviously has a serious anger management problem exacerbated by alcohol abuse.   

I guess I'm kind of unique because I've never seen a Mel Gibson movie in my entire life. I've only seen sound bites of Gibson over the years and I've never liked any of what I've seen.  I don't find Gibson attractive at all, to me he's nothing more than a jerk.  All I've ever really seen is Gibson rants on YouTube videos and that was enough.  Imagine this guy's wealth and all the opportunity and resources he's had!  Yet in one of his phone recorded rants Gibson complains to Okasana she's the only friend he has. Gibson let his shallow Hollywood psyche take over to amplify ridiculous petty issues his girlfriend recorded for public consumption.  

Whoopi Goldberg did women an injustice everywhere to come out in support of Gibson. I completely lost respect for Whoopi for supporting Mel Gibson.  (See Whoopi Goldberg Defends Mel Gibson on The View.) It's clear many kinds of women support men when it comes to abusing women by covering up for them. Whoopi had no business coming to Gibson's rescue only demonstrating what a coward Gibson is to need the help of a black woman to support his domestic abuse activities.  For those unaware, Okasana is a classical pianist trained at a top London music school.  Okasana patented a music copying method and also taught music to children. (See Okasana on Wikipedia)

My favorite actor is Michael Douglas who I'm happy has been surviving quite nicely from his throat cancer surgery to recently present a Golden Globe award. Truly amazing! It just goes to show the media can't be trusted. The media made it seem like he was going to pass any day, yet Douglas has been seen walking the streets of New York, presenting awards and even planning for new movie roles!(See Michael Douglas Still Got Something to Celebrate - Coffee Today)