Thursday, January 12, 2012

Predatory Government Jaws Entrap Americans Over Ridiculous Things

I remember playing the board game Monopoly back in the 1970's and hating the part when I had to move my piece to the Go to Jail section.  What did I do to deserve that?  A few Americans featured in an article posted by The Economic Collapse Blog might feel the same way since they didn't know what they were doing was a crime. Such laws didn't involve common sense so how were they to know?  Didn't water your lawn so it turned brown?  Opened your Christmas gift too early?  It's a job for the police, didn't you know?

These purported ridiculous arrest stories can be thought of metaphorically like your every day swimmers playing in the ocean one minute only to be devoured in the jaws of a predator the next.  What did they really do wrong?  It's not that they violated any real laws, they simply didn't keep vigilant over the predators.

Here's a few of the most ridiculous crimes in 2010 that reflect an evolving class warfare society of predatory police officers looking for any excuse to arrest anyone for anything.  People who think they'll find justice in the courts may be disappointed since most of the time judges often act in corroboration with law enforcement to protect their power matrix.  

#1 A Michigan man has been charged with a felony and could face up to 5 years in prison for reading his wife's email. (also see my post Husband Who Snooped Wife's Emails Charged Under Hacker Law)

#2 A 49-year-old Queens woman had bruises all over her body after she was handcuffed, arrested and brutally beaten by NYPD officers.  So what was her offense?  The officers thought that her little dog had left some poop that she didn't clean up.

#3 A 56-year-old woman who was once a rape victim refused to let airport security officials feel her breasts so she was thrown to the floor, put in handcuffs and arrested.

#4 In Milwaukee, one man was recently fined $500 for swearing on a public bus.

#5 Several years ago a 12-year-old boy in South Carolina was actually arrested by police for opening up a Christmas present early against his family's wishes.

#6 In some areas of the country, it is now a crime to not recycle properly.  For example, the city of Cleveland has announced plans to sort through trash cans to ensure that people are actually recycling according to city guidelines.

#7 A 12-year-old girl from Queens was arrested earlier this year and taken out of her school in handcuffs for writing “Lex was here. 2/1/10" and “I love my friends Abby and Faith" on her desk.

#8 Back in 2008, a 13-year-old boy in Florida was actually arrested by police for farting in class.

#9 The feds recently raided an Amish farmer at 5 AM in the morning because they claimed that he was was engaged in the interstate sale of raw milk in violation of federal law.

#10 A few years ago a 10-year-old girl was arrested and charged with a felony for bringing a small steak knife to school.  It turns out that all she wanted to do was to cut up her lunch so that she could eat it.

#11 On June 18th, two Christians decided that they would peacefully pass out copies of the gospel of John on a public sidewalk outside a public Islamic festival in Dearborn, Michigan and within three minutes 8 policemen surrounded them and placed them under arrest.

#12 A U.S. District Court judge slapped a 5oo dollar fine on Massachusetts fisherman Robert J. Eldridge for untangling a giant whale from his nets and setting it free.  So what was his crime?  Well, according to the court, Eldridge was supposed to call state authorities and wait for them do it.

#13 Once upon a time, a food fight in the cafeteria may have gotten you a detention.  Now it may get you locked up.  About a year ago, 25 students between the ages of 11 and 15 at a school in Chicago were taken into custody by police for being involved in a huge food fight in the school cafeteria.

#14 A few years ago a 70 year old grandmother was actually put in handcuffs and hauled off to jail for having a brown lawn. - Source The Economic Collapse Blog

I remember way back in 1999 I was moving in my fish aquarium to my leased property and some crazy five time evicted lady roommate tried to block its delivery later calling the police.  The police officer, who had spoken with her previously, got there so fast he was out of breath when he arrived.  He later sat in the kitchen area for 20 minutes when no crime had taken place saying he "had all the time in the world."  I later learned the officer was there to monitor and observe me. It was George Orwell's Big Brother on the property that day. I filed a complaint with the commission complaint board the next day.

Many in the government are apparently looking to set precedent by pushing the envelope over how much the American people are willing to put up with. Their ultimate goal is to abolish the U.S. Constitution they think is an outdated piece of paper. (see article MSNBC Analyst: Constitution Has "No Binding Power On Anything")

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