Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rock Star Gods Then vs. Now

I don't listen to this kind of music anymore but thought it was interesting some of the transformations among rock stars from long ago. A few actually improved their appearance and got better with time, not an easy feat.  What's amazing is many of these performers claim to have imagined they would OD one day, like Janis Joplin did, from their excessive rock glitter lives.  For instance, David Bowie in the first photo didn't believe he'd live past his 40's let alone into his 60's as he has today.  
(Above) David Bowie, what was that?  One thing for sure, it freaked out my 1950's based mother in the 70's, she even ripped Bowie's poster off my wall in rage.  I still prefer this genius to a dumb ass narcissistic cop any day.  Space Oddity has always been a favorite Bowie song of mine, it has 6 million views on You Tube. 

Mick Jagger looks a little spent and I can't imagine why. Just think of the thousands of performances he's done. He's always had nice hair though. His lips look like they've seen better days.

 Eurhythmics singer Annie Lennox is one of my favorites I've appreciated later in life. She's very talented and a genius.

 Oh what's his name. Sorry, I don't remember.

 Debbie Harry of Blondie used to be pretty. 

Linda Ronstadt is one of the more shocking. Obviously these former celebrities are only human. You can tell Linda has health issues by looking at her.  She was a greatly loved singer and was once very beautiful. 

 Ted Nugent clearly looks better today.

 Interesting conservative look of David Lee Roth.  You can tell this guy was serious back then and still is today.  He just needs spectacles and he could be a lawyer.

 Steve Perry of Journey was a little cutie and he still has the spirit of R&R. He had a great time at the SF Giants game a few months ago since his hit song Boulevard was the Giant's theme song.

 Bruce Springsteen looks mighty fine and better then he used to.  Money tends to do that.

 Steve Tyler of Aerosmith looks the best he can possibly look under the circumstances. Men in the 1970's had nice feminized hair.  I've listened to his classic Dream On dozens of times, maybe hundreds of times in fact.  It's a great song.

Bob Dylan music is all I heard when I first moved to San Francisco in 1995

Alice Cooper looks pretty good today.

Rod Stewart, I'd say he looked better then. 

I don't understand why a few of these guys don't retire.  Don't they think it's time to relax and enjoy life a little?  Spend time with their wife and kids?  I figure they must be addicted to the applause and/or singing on stage.  Performing for these guys is an addiction.