Friday, January 7, 2011

Scary New Divorce Cake Industry Rises

I don't go see movies anymore but happened to see a rave review on a new film Blue Valentine.
"One of the saddest and best films of the past year, it tells the story of a collapsing marriage, interspersing it with episodes from the couple's courtship. Making movies about marriage is difficult - the alchemy of marriage is so elusive that even the mechanics of our friends' marriages are mysterious. Thus, the reflex to approach a marital story in easy moral terms is especially pronounced. But when you leave "Blue Valentine," you don't walk out thinking Ryan Gosling was right or that Michelle Williams was right. Rather you think about life and what happens to people." Blue Valentine Review: Sad But Among the Best -
Divorces are all too common in this day and age and is strongly encouraged because there's a lot of money to be made when couples divorce.  An LDA I met last year at a conference told me she has a license to marry couples along with her divorce business.  She joked about how after she marries the couples she'll be ready when it comes time for them to divorce.  Believe it or not, a divorce cake industry has even popped up and some of the designs I'm posting here are truly shocking.  I can't imagine anyone who would buy a few of these cakes.  Here goes:

 Very creative and symbolic cake

 This one gets my vote - classic!


 Just like War of the Roses!

 OMG, An R.I.P. Divorce Cake? 

 Notice mostly men are always portrayed as being the victims?  


  No wonder men are so paranoid these days with cakes like these!

These cakes need soundtracks.