Thursday, February 3, 2011

Men Aren't The Only Ones Going Bonkers

It's not just men I've previously posted about who are going bonkers, women are too. I know about the crazies because I've encountered them in every day life.  Aside from my recent experiences I'll share later in this post, my first example is of a bonkers woman who attempted to ship a four month old puppy by U.S. airmail in a box for a kid's birthday.
"Stacey Champon, 39, told postal workers to be careful with the box because it was very delicate, and that if they saw it move or heard noises, it was only because it contained a robot. The box had a few air holes, but she had sealed over them with mailing tape that tightly sealed the package. Champion was apparently mailing the pup to an 11 year old as a birthday present.

Fortunately, the puppy moved enough in the box at the post office that the box fell off the counter. When it landed on the floor, workers could hear panting sounds. They got the OK to unwrap it, and discovered a super thirsty four-month-old poodle-schnauzer-mix puppy named Guess."  - Woman Tries to Ship Puppy by Air Mail - Dogster Blog
In another odd story involving a woman,  a former Los Angeles deputy city attorney and Harvard Law School graduate, Angela West, 50 went berserk at the San Francisco Airport back in December 2010.  When security arrived, West had been enraged swinging a pole smashing merchandise at a Peet's kiosk.
When officers tried to speak to her, West "raged" at them and began swinging the pole, which she had taken from a janitor's cart, Wagstaffe said.  An officer had to use a chair to fend off at least 10 blows, authorities said. West then calmed down and sat in a booth, only to start throwing items at the officers, Wagstaffe said. When the officers tried to arrest her, she kicked one of them in the groin, Wagstaffe said. After being subdued, West shouted out that she was a lesbian and that the officers "should stop trying to have sex with her," the prosecutor said. - Ex-City Attorney Pleads No Contest to Airport Coffee Kioske Rampage ABA Journal
Bonkers Lawyer in Martinez, CA Has Her Bonkers Cyber Stalking Client Harassing Me

Speaking of bonkers female attorneys like the one above, the one in Martinez, CA I posted about a few months ago has a cyber stalker out harassing me with the same mindset of a psycho cyber stalker case she took on my behalf in 2009.  I've had two of her female clients since contact me all complaining about the attorney's dark, devious, evil tactics to get to their money using their divorces as a manipulative device.  One lady had to file for bankruptcy and another has stated after $28,000 she still doesn't have a divorce and the attorney isn't returning her phone calls.  Both of these women claim they've been abused by the attorney with her devious tactics.  When I took the attorney to Small Claims Court last year she really showed how bonkers she was making all kinds of false accusations and just plain lying to the judge.  In my opinion, as well as the other two clients I spoken with who have also spoken with one another, the attorney is bonkers.

On a side note, in today's SFGate, an attorney stated to the media as plain as day a class-action lawsuit filed against Safeway wasn't about damages to female clients, admitting they filed a frivolous lawsuit:

"The main thrust of this isn't about damages," said Daniel LeBel, a San Francisco consumer attorney who is also involved in the suit. None of the plaintiffs so far were sickened by contaminated foods. "It's about getting Safeway to do the right thing." - Safeway Lawsuit Over Product Recalls -

Sadly, attorneys file frivolous lawsuits all the time but it's very rare they make statements to the media they have no case in so many words. 

Bonkers Britney Spears Like Blond 20's Something Makes Up Story of Imaginary Appointment I Missed  
A couple days ago I was on my way home from being at the office.  While I was in transit I got a call from a lady with a little girl sounding voice who wanted one notarization.  Since she was just across the street from my office I told her I'd meet her in the lobby of my building in 10 minutes.  I got to the lobby and the lady hadn't yet arrived.  I called to learn she hadn't left yet from across the street and was about to leave.  When she finally arrived 15 minutes later, she called me from her cell phone saying she was "standing in front of the building but didn't know how to get into the lobby."  I thought to myself, this lady isn't too bright because the lobby was right in front of her to walk into.

As the blond blue eyed 20's something Britney Spears-like lady entered the lobby, she immediately began projecting onto me without my saying a word or complaining.  She said "sorry I didn't know where the lobby was, I'm new to the area".  Then the kicker came as she sat down across from me without any document or ID in hand to notarize.  The lady uttered some crazy lie "you were supposed to come to our offices at 12:30 p.m. where were you?" I was dumbfounded since we had spoken on the phone three times since she initially called.  I said "What?  Lady you're nuts!"  I then got up to leave and the lady said "you wasted my time".

I figured the lady knew she had kept me waiting a long time and made up some story to make me the guilty party.  It was nasty what she did.  I recorded in my notarial journal my denial of notarization of her, my first ever, due to her lack of capacity 1) inability to present a document to notarize or valid ID 2) inability to enter lobby of building without special directions 3) lying by making up an imaginary appointment  4) wanting to argue with a notary public over an imaginary missed appointment.  I got her name and employer from her voice mail and am sending an invoice.

Divorcee Wife Surprised That $300 For Her Default Divorce w/Child Doesn't Cover Her Multiple Special Requests

A divorcee lady I've been doing the paperwork for her default divorce lost it the other day.  I first agreed to resend documents that her ex claimed to have not received.  I dropped the docs in the mail Monday and sent her an email.  The next thing I know she's making up crazy stories and asking me to process serve her ex unnecessarily.  I wrote "I just dropped them in the mail as you requested, why do I need to process serve them, especially if you claim he's cooperating in the divorce?"

I had to finally explain that her $300 divorce payment ran out ever since the divorce began in September of 2010 and that divorcees usually cost $10,000 at the very least, that she was taking advantage of my services.  The lady has called me numerous times that attorneys would charge $300/hr for.  She called me back saying "I was really surprised to get that email from you." and I just had to laugh to myself because the lady makes $15K/month and she's dragging me through her divorce trying to tell me what to do for her husband's problem. Needless to say, I'm done.

These are just a few little things I've recently encountered with the public, women in particular, indicate some thing's really going haywire out there.