Sunday, February 20, 2011

An Officer And A Gentleman? Commander Russell Williams' Double Life Exposed

This story is probably too much for many people to handle but I feel it's necessary to post as a continuation of this blog's many "expose these evil bastards who hide behind an image" stories.  On Friday night Dateline NBC aired a special two hour presentation of the tragic story of Canadian air force commander Russell Williams' double life. Williams was a high ranking officer by day and a stalking rapist serial killer by night.

This officer Williams met the Queen of England and many high ranking officials in his line of work.  He was way up in the ranks overseeing an entire Canadian air force base.  Back in 2007, Williams suddenly got the idea to begin breaking into people's homes at night to steal women's lingerie that eventually escalated into full blown rape and murder.  Williams photographed himself in the lingerie and documented all of his activities that were later discovered on his computer, including a video of his raping and murdering his victims.

Instead of writing about the horrid details, I thought I'd just post the 9 part video series from Dateline NBC in this post for those who would like to see just another example of how these zombie men hide behind images in order to conceal their hideous crimes against women in particular.   I thought the most interesting part was the part where they got to Williams' confession during a detective's questioning. 

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