Sunday, October 16, 2011

Zombies Among Us

It's time for all living conscience human beings to begin taking note of the zombies that exist among them. A zombie can be defined as "an easily manipulated half human and half machine whose programmed and unable to do anything but carry out an agenda on behalf of programmers."  Like robots, zombies are unable to behave in any other manner then provided by their mentors.  Zombies have no free will of their own having been hijacked by forces stronger then their former vulnerable and/or dysfunctional state of existence.

How Zombies Come into Being

People who are at any time weak and vulnerable are easily converted into zombies because they can't bear to face the reality of life.  Many weak minded people react to any form of conflict or opposition by going into a state of denial, wanting to recreate reality to their specifications that often involves victimizing others. Other less aggressive zombies simply use television programming to feed their minds with how to deal with conflicts using various scripts they repeat throughout their lives.

How Zombies Operate

Zombies are largely soulless machines who have given over their lives and spirits to their programmers.  Their power comes from converting humans into their like minded selves and they rely strongly on infiltrating people's lives to cause or perpetuate fear.  Fear is a trigger that causes people to feel helpless to lose a sense of themselves to what zombies view as a higher power and authority.  The goal of zombies is to take over your mind and soul for them to use towards their collective goal.

How to Root Out Zombies

A zombie can easily be recognized because they have no creative spirit being prone to repeating the same scripts they've been programmed to carry out. They tend to view situations in black and white without any shades of gray oversimplifying complex matters thus causing their victims great distress and hardship.  If you feel someone is trying to convert you by attempting to force conformity to their programming, you know it's a zombie.  You can also tell a zombie by their soulless empty spiritless eyes that they are mere shells of their former human lives.

Zombies Feed Off Others' Energy Like Parasites

Zombies rely on affixing themselves to a host since they're not really conscious living beings.   In order to survive, zombies rely on 1) their programmer and 2) victims they seek to latch onto to siphon energy and resources from to convert for their use. Because zombies are really cowards, they often seek the easiest targets to obtain energy from, the mentally and emotionally weak, vulnerable and naive.

How to Avoid Becoming a Zombie

Try to dramatically streamline television watching.  Get in touch with what's really happening in day-to-day life.  Avoid relying on programmed scripts to deal with situations that pose conflicts.  When a zombie's trying to cause fear to deplete your energy, know it's only trying to hijack your life in order to zap your energy and resources for itself.  Get in touch with your unique sense of yourself, your own thoughts vs. what zombies wish for you to have.  Do whatever it takes to avoid having your life hijacked by spiritless programmed zombies.