Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Alex Jones Screws Himself With Charlie Sheen

I always take a hard look at men who use all kinds of homophobic rhetoric with the public because they're likely having man love issues.  For those who don't know who Alex Jones is, he's the biggest alternative media radio broadcaster ever, a documentary film maker of the conspiracy theorist genre, who also has several high traffic web sites such as www.InfoWars.com.

Lately Alex Jones has me wondering about if he has a secret thing for men with his latest support of Charlie Sheen. See Charlie Sheen's Bizarre Rooftop Antics After Axe - The Sun.  I won't go into detail, but I've been listening to Jones since 2008 trying to figure out this complex fellow.  At first I thought Alex Jones was 100% for real but lately I've come to understand there's some kind of split personality going on that he's probably unaware of.  In other words, I suspect Jones has man love issues and that he's in love with Charlie Sheen.

When he should have been distancing himself, Jones chose to ignore Sheen's obvious drug addiction, agreeing with his delusional thinking that he was clean.  Yet it is as clear as day to anyone that Charlie Sheen is a drug addict going crazy.  It's one thing to support a friend during hard times, but it's quite another to misrepresent to millions of people about another's true state of being such as Jones recently did on The View. 

Charlie Sheen's latest Sheen's Corner's "Violent Torpedo's of Truth" Uploads - The man is clearly a drug addict going through serious withdrawal symptoms that's making him behave insanely.

Alex Jones on The View Defends Charlie Sheen - Men overlook one another's problems and behaviors while women tend to punish and abandon one another severely over the slightest things.

My theory that Alex Jones is a closet bisexual explains the endless paranoia and uncontrollable rage issues he has as well as his insecurity with authority figures.  It's easy to determine Jones enjoys the company of men more than women from the way he conducts his program that's nearly entirely male based. Very few female callers ever call in as well.  Many of Jones' fans made misogynist comments on his site against the women on The View that were revolting and hateful.

On the one hand Jones attacks men on his program for being effeminate, while on the other he plays David Bowie songs.  Many other contradictions lead me to believe Jones isn't being honest with himself over his man love issues. For instance, on his radio program the other day he told his new love, former fallen baseball star Lenny Dykstra, "Where have you been all of my life?"  Another one of Jones man love interests appears to be Mark Dice (right) of whom he's about to be the sole distributor for his new book Big Brother The Orwellian Nightmare Come True.  All of these aforementioned men Jones strongly supports are either wife rejects in divorces who had domestic disputes whose lives completely fell apart, or those like Mark Dice who don't appear to have interest in women. 

Former fallen baseball star Lenny Dykstra talks about his delusional beliefs over Charlie Sheen on the Alex Jones Show. 

This example of Alex Jones having an apparent blind love for Charlie Sheen is what happens when people aren't being honest with themselves that they end up screwing themselves one way or another.