Monday, March 28, 2011

Caution, Zombies Ahead! Hacker Breaks Into Public Works Signs in San Francisco

All day Sunday I saw people outside my front window snapping photos and posing with one of the portable lights construction signs, even in the rain. Cars would even stop and shoot photos from the dashboards inside their vehicles.  I was too busy doing my taxes to care much until I finally just had to go outside to see what all the commotion was about.  Apparently someone hacked into the city's public works computer system to alter the message of the sign to read "Caution Zombies Ahead !!" 

I was telling the landlady what a coincidence the sign was since I swore I had just seen a real life zombie while I was on the way to the post office Saturday.  As I took a double take, the guy casually approached me at the corner while I waited for the light to change.  I could hardly believe my eyes, he had a huge sunken eye socket that you could see like an ice cream scoop into his skull with excess flesh hanging.  He also had a huge wound on his right temple, a large swollen mound of red flesh.  It looked as if someone shot him in the temple that it blew out his eye and socket completely.

I hate to sound dehumanizing, but this injured person really did look like a zombie in every way while just casually walking around ignoring people's stares.  Then he walked into the post office and stood in a long line and I just thought to myself, boy are those people going to freak out when they get a look at that.  It was that scary!

The zombie-like person had no eye or socket and flesh was hanging where this guy's hole is.  His right temple had a gunshot wound that was swollen like a golf ball with a mound of red bloody flesh.

So imagine if someone like this just walked up to you like nothing was wrong, what would you do?  I wanted very badly to take a photo but couldn't bring myself to do it.  A couple years ago they had a Zombies Invade San Francisco party of sorts.  This city just seems to be a zombie kind of town.

This brings me to another topic and that is what a crazy camera snap shot society we live in today.  It used to be that at rock concerts people would hold up their lighter flames; today they all hold up their digital cameras.  This is the photo from SFGate on Britney Spears free concert today.  You can see the glow of the screens below.

Everyone was taking digital photos as seen in this photo. No lighter flames anymore.
(Disclaimer: Photo used under Fair Use Act to show excessive digital phone usage at concerts)

Back in the 1970s and even 80's, people didn't take a lot of photographs. They had Polaroid instant cameras that would spit out a revolutionary photo that developed before your eyes. The quality was always poor most of the time.  The camera digital revolution is here to stay, I see the old film cameras being sold on Craigslist for cheap.

One last thing I wanted to comment on is about Britney Spears.  I've never seen Spears perform before and never heard any of her songs.  I wouldn't recognize her voice if I heard it.