Sunday, March 27, 2011

Google News Blackouts Worrisome - London Protest Virtually Ignored in 2011

I happened to notice as of 8:50 a.m. Sunday morning a Google News search isn't returning any news links except for some small blurb from The Voice of Russia on yesterday's march of 250,000 and subsequent riot in London.  It may be just a technical glitch but I've never really seen such a lack of news links happen this badly before.

I've witnessed similar activity happen to popular YouTube videos about controversial things such as Louis Farrakhan's recent "who do you think you are?" Obama video.  When I posted the video in an earlier article I noticed it went viral with 450K views in a couple days.  Then YouTube took the video down for "inappropriate content" apparently because it criticized President Obama's position on the Libyan war. I just visited and the video's back up now.  Apparently YouTube wanted to slow down the viral nature of the video. It really makes one wonder how much some news organizations play God to control the flow of information in an attempt to minimize its importance.

Anytime I notice they're trying to cover-up important news I post it on my blog whenever I can. Here's a video I got from The Sun article on the riots, a British on-line media outlet.

There were 250,000 peaceful demonstrators, and a sub branch of anarchist youth that attacked the Ritz Carlton hotel, banks and the like. 

From the small information available, I deduced that the British people are mainly upset over how the government's war hungry spending millions such as in Libya on unnecessary wars while threatening to make the deepest public service cuts since WWII. Since there are so few stories to deduce information from, I'll let the video speak for itself.