Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ice Musician Tunes Into Earth's Coolest Vibes

Contrary to what a few like global warmest Al Gore would have us believe, many credible scientists are saying the planet's headed for an ice age set to peak in 2030.  From the inevitable growing chill comes the world's first ice age musician, Terje Isungest, whose tuned into the coolest vibes of the planet like no other.  Terje plays drums, chimes, horns, harps and trumpets, all carved from ice obtained from nature.  CNN reports:
The Norwegian-born musician has been playing ice instruments for over 10 years and is the founder of Norway's annual Ice Music Festival in Geilo. His love of ice music began in his 20s when he was invited to play at a concert inside a frozen waterfall.

"As a composer I decided to work with the nature surrounding me and I tried out ice instruments for the first time," said Isungset. - Chilling Out With the World's Only Ice Musician -

What's amazing is how the instruments are carved out from ice only to melt.  According to Terje, the most extraordinary of instruments was his 2,500 year old ice horn carved from a glacier in Norway. The instrument lasted 50 performances, pretty good for a typical ice instrument.
"We normally make an ice horn out of a large cube. We cut it with a saw and then with a knife," Isungset told CNN. "The shape of (the horn) is not so important, except for the mouth piece because the mouth piece creates a specific sound. But, as you can imagine, when you play an ice horn it melts. So the tuning and the mouth piece will change all the time. This makes it even harder to perform." - Chilling Out . . .CNN

This January 14, 2009 CNN clip warns of the Coming Ice Age and speaks of the absence of sunspot activity as just another example.

So in essence what this all means is that man made global warming is a fraud perpetrated by greedy businessmen such as Al Gore who want to profit from their money making schemes to tax the world population over carbon dioxide emissions. The sun did cause the earth to warm back in the 1990's along with other planets in the solar system but that cycle ended.  Gore's data was clearly skewed and exposed as such by Russian hackers last year. See Hacker Scandal Sends Ripples Through Climate-Science Community - Deutsche Welle - 2009

According to many scientists, man made global warming is a complete fraud, just ask ice musician Terje whose in tune with the coolest vibes of the earth. 

CNN Segment Warns of the Coming Ice Age - CNN