Thursday, March 31, 2011

Latest Update on Radioactive Particles From Jet Stream Hitting U.S. & Europe

As posted earlier, a YouTuber Dutchsince is the best source I could find of helpful info on the Japan radiation issues since there's a virtual black out on the info from the U.S. government.  Yesterday Dutch has since uploaded his latest evaluation of information about various types of radioactive particles dispersing in the clouds to the U.S. and Europe through the jet stream based on real time charts.  Unfortunately, the news isn't good as there are now moderate levels of certain radioactive isotopes reaching the US and beyond. Also, see Radiation Detected in at Least 15 States and in Milk -

In this following video Dutch explains it's not the direct radiation we should be worried about, but the radioactive particles being dispersed from high precipitation clouds via the jet stream.  Therefore the Geiger counters aren't helpful in detecting these types of radioactive isotopes.

Dutchsince gives the bad news about a low to moderate level of radiation particles arriving in clouds in the U.S. and beyond.  For links to various sites used in this video, please visit the video page summary.

It's too bad we couldn't harness the hydrothermal vents in the ocean to provide our electricity that's not only much safer but five times more powerful then nuclear energy. The technology is ready, just not implemented yet.  Now we all have to deal with this mess in Japan forever. This is what happens when greed is allowed to flourish above and beyond human and environmental safety.  Hydrothermal power, which taps thermal vents at the bottom of the ocean floor, would have been a fraction of the cost of nuclear power.  In an ideal world, we could have had inexpensive energy without any threat to the environment.

If only we could have implemented this hydrothermal technology sooner we wouldn't be in this mess.  The world is becoming far more complicated then ever before and the pressure is clearly building.

It's clear the greed of the nuclear industry overcame common sense and governments didn't keep these dangerous industries in check.  It's no wonder there are reportedly 140 underground cities in the U.S. built or being built by government to house a chosen few.  There are purportedly 1,500 underground cities worldwide.

This is a well done video about underground cities in the United States

What can we do to minimize exposure to these dangerous radioactive particles?  Stay indoors when there are rainstorms or mist.  Keep up on the latest info on radioactive poisoned foods such as the recent story of radioactive milk being found in the U.S. are just to name a few.

I bought an Ecolobllue28 water generator two years ago I feel is the safest possible water there can be since it uses a reverse osmosis filter process.  I'm hoping as long as I keep the windows shut when it rains there shouldn't be any problems with particles from humidity the machine takes from the air. 

Low Levels of Radiation Found in Milk -
Radiation Detected In At Least 15 States and In Milk - Natural News.