Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Millionaire Dentist Dines on Student's Lost Credit Card & Other Crazy Men Stories

This is a good example of how a few men think nothing of hoarding all the wealth while stealing from the less fortunate. Michigan Dentist Richard Ludwig, 54 hadn't a care in the world for the individual who lost their credit card he used to buy $40.64 worth of pizza with. The lost card happened to belong to a community college student who dropped it at a shopping center where the dentist was visiting Florida for his son's baseball game.

After the college student learned someone had used his credit card to make a purchase at a restaurant, he called the police who then confronted Ludwig as he waited for two large pizzas with extra olives.  One would think someone who fell on hard times might be tempted to do such a thing, but that wasn't the case with Ludwig.  According to police, Ludwig told deputies that he is "absolutely not" having financial difficulties while bragging of his net worth being $3 to 4 million dollars.

Richard Ludwig has since been charged with credit-card theft and forgery charges, let's see his attorney get him out of this one.   Like I posted earlier in Tripping Up the Guilt Trippers,  it's always the real criminals who have no feelings of guilt over their acts or attitudes while it's primarily the good people who always feel guilt over much to do about nothing.  Imagine the guilt trip Mr. Ludwig could possibly lay on the poor student, something along the lines of "you owe me this free pizza because my taxes pay for your  low cost community college education."  For more info see Millionaire Dentist Richard Ludwig Buys $40 in Pizza on Student's Lost Credit Card - AOL News.

Real News is Beginning to Sound Like The Onion With Yet Another Crazy Man Story

In my blogging I try to avoid high profile news featured on CNN or MSNBC as much as possible but couldn't resist yet another crazy man story on CNN's home page yesterday. The video's hilarious so I'll briefly summarize and leave the rest to the clip.  A young man named Timothy James Chape broke into a house in Portland, Oregon then called the police afraid the homeowner had a gun who had discovered him in her house.

Hilarious video about a young man who called the police when the home owner arrived, fearing she had a gun.

Intruder calls 911, Afraid Homeowner May Have Gun -

The Onion's Latest Hilarious Video

To rap things up for today's post, I thought I'd post a The Onion video since the previous "real news" stories all kind of sound like what The Onion would cover anyway.  Once in a great while The Onion puts out a hit video and this is one of them.