Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Ring of Fire is Coming Alive!

Those who live along the Ring of Fire should be on RED ALERT.  The past 13 months have seen three high profile seismic events and thousands of smaller quakes and volcanic eruptions over the past year.

The Ring of Fire is home to 400 active volcanoes, including more than 160 in the United States.  (See the interactive USGS map)

Being a native Californian whose been through many earthquakes and other disasters, I'm well prepared but many aren't.  I'm living in one of the five metropolitan cities predicted to have a major earthquake one day, San Francisco.  Scientists have said the city could be flattened like a pancake should the big one occur.  We haven't had a large earthquake since 1989 prior to my moving from Los Angeles in 1995. This means pressure has built up along the fault and is ready to blow at any time.

 Volcanic activity along the Ring of Fire - See interactive USGS Map

All of this increase in earthquake and volcanic activity could likely be due to solar related activity along with the moon being the closest to the earth in the past two decades since 1992.  It could also have something to do with Comet Elinen's arrival and trajectory lining up with the earth.  (See my previous post Woman Forewarns of Japan Earthquake).  What it all really means is that seismic activity along the Ring of Fire is 100% guaranteed.  In any event, people need to take heed and prepare.  No one ever knows for certain where the next major earthquake will hit, but the California faults are especially cocked and ready to fire at any time.

Here's a an interesting video of a typical day and then when an earthquake hits from "The Great Southern California ShakeOut Project".

USGS Preparedness Video - Southern California San Andreas Fault Scenario

In any event, everyone especially living along the Ring of Fire should at the very least get 72 hour supplies and also for their vehicles should they have the misfortune of being trapped in them.  A good site I've used to purchase my supplies is www.Nitro-Pak.com and I highly recommend it.  They have numerous selections for prepackaged 72 hour backpack kits with high quality items.