Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ann Coulter's Worldwide Radiated Food Tour Takes Off

After Japanese officials finally admitted they have a Level 7 radiation threat from Fukushima I thought it might be a good idea to purchase Geiger counter to use on fresh produce prior to purchase.  Yesterday Natural News reported that the French research authority on radioactivity CRIRAD has finally admitted the danger posed by radiated food:
"It is now warning expectant mothers and young children to avoid drinking milk or rainwater. They should also avoid certain types of vegetables and cheese due to the dangerously high levels of radiation they may contain thanks to the radioactive fallout spreading across the globe ."  Link
This information must be very hard to swallow for the French who are widely known to have a love affair with their food.  According to author Ann Coulter though, the French should be happy their food's been radiated because "radiation's good for you".  I won't bother to post the video, since everyone's seen it by now of Ann whoring herself for publicity for a buck.  You can instantly know anything that comes out of Ann Coulter's mouth is a fraud since she's clearly a political satire actress along the lines of the Colbert (Coulter) Report program.  Few have caught on that Ann Coulter's making millions of dollars simply because she makes deliberate insane statements to provoke wild controversy.  Ann deliberately provokes disgust and hatred as a self-sacrifice for millions of people's inability to see through her satire act. Ann's so phony, "she" is really a former "he".  Just check out her enormous Adam's apple that's considered by many to be a male's anatomy.

Ann should tell radiation is good for you to this guy, a Frenchman living in Japan.

Speed up to 7:40 and start listening, prior to this point it's tediously slow unfolding because of his heavy accent.  Didn't this guy hear the news radiation's good for him? What's he worried about because, according to Ann Coulter, he should throw a radiation party and be happy.  For anyone who takes Ann Coulter seriously at all, I think it's a sign of something and I won't say what.
Now back to reality.  It's shocking to observe the level of denial the U.S. government and media are in about the seriousness of this Fukushima disaster.  The media probably doesn't want people to know how serious the situation is for fear panic will cause food hoarding.  People like myself have been preparing years in advance for this kind of serious disaster but the majority of Americans don't have any adequate emergency stored long term food back-up supplies.

If you want to ensure your food is radiation free you can also grow your own vegetables indoors using the Aerogrow planters and purchase the EcoloBlue water generator (although who knows if the humidity it uses to generate water will be safe from radiation?).
"Only those who grow food in greenhouses will be largely protected from the fallout. Maybe it's a good time to buy some sprouting seeds, too, because you can sprout seeds in your own kitchen and grow them free of radiation. In just 3 days, you can turn a pile of seeds into a nutritious sprout salad. Add some avocado and balsamic vinegar and you have a delicious lunch!" Europeans Warned to Avoid Drinking Milk, Eating Vegetables. . ..  - Natural

The one thing I haven't gotten yet is a Geiger counter. Whenever radiation's detected, the counter should read "Ann Coulter Approved" to forewarn levels are high.