Friday, February 3, 2012

Former Man Crystal Warren Helps The Case For Ann Coulter Being A Man

**UPDATE - 2015** I no longer believe Ann Coulter's transgender.  There's no evidence she was ever a male, she has a long history as a woman.  Instead of taking the story down I just decided to update I now disagree with this story that has no evidence to support pictures of Ann showing a man's adam apple.  

I believe this widely circulated story can be used as a template to compare the possibility Ann Coulter was formerly a man.  See Crystal Warren:  I Used To Be A Man - The Sun UK

Crystal Warren, 42, is the perfect template to use to compare and determine the possibility Ann Coulter had a sex change decades ago.

Posted September, 2010

People need to know the truth about author Ann Coulter, first and foremost that she's not to be taken seriously. People shouldn't waste their time giving any thought to Ann Coulter's crazy statements about radiation being good for them or anything else because she has no relevance in the world whatsoever. Many such as myself often ask who is this person who never goes away?  Ann Coulter writes books, hangs out with politicians and pays lip service to those who fund her cause.

Ann Coulter's presence in the public arena has always made me feel uncomfortable.  Who is she really?  What is the point of Ann Coulter always being in the spotlight of controversy?   To me, Ann seems unnatural, an anomaly of sorts who doesn't exhibit any female attributes of nurturing, compassion or empathy in any of her writings or public statements.  There's something wrong about people accepting Ann Coulter's views as female and normal political rants.  Had Ann been doing the same shtick back in the 1970's she surely would have been blocked from the public at large.   Back then, singer Helen Reddy (i.e, I Am Woman singer) would have been horrified over Ann Coulter.

Ann Coulter's made a living off of creating great controversy for herself, something that's very unusual for a normal woman to do.  Virtually no woman wants to be the center of ridicule in America, but Ann seemingly thrives on the attention she gets with her provocative statements.   It seems to me the only way any sane person could bear such ridicule and hatred from the public is simply to know in the back of one's mind it's all an act their getting rewarded greatly for.

I don't believe anyone really knows who Ann Coulter truly is.  There are clues however that point to Ann really being a man, a guy named Andrew Coulter who had a sex change.   It's not just her Adams Apple I recently posted about, it's a series of other pieces of the puzzle that points to Ann being a man who had a sex change operation.  Women don't have Adam's Apples!

"I have just discovered more evidence pointing to her manhood, hiding in plain sight, published by Ann, herself! Ann's blog is overflowing with text ostensibly written by Ann. Large blocks of text can be analysed by software such as the Gender Guesser, giving a prediction of whether the author is a man or a woman."- Ann Coulter Outed By Her Own Writings - Burton MacKenzie Blog
Concerned citizens suspect Ann Coulter's a mere political hoax satirist so they've run computer programs to determine if her blog entries are male based.  Does Ann Coulter have a male brain?  Her public appearances and statements seem to confirm Ann is really a man coming across as odd, abnormal, unbelievable and an apparent anomaly of nature.  Here's an example of a typical commenter questioning Ann's gender:

"I would really like to confirm that Ann Coulter was born a man. I watched her on TV the other day and was able to use TIVO to slow it down and repeat it over and over and I am certain that she has an Adam’s apple. I know there are surgeries were they can shave the Adams Apple to make it less apparent but there was one there. I watched a close up of another woman speaking and there were times here throat moved but it was at the very top. Coulter’s moves in the middle and is sharp at time.

Plus I have not been able to find any records of her as a high school student but I am not a journalist and don’t have the resources and know-how of how to find these things out.
If this woman was born a man and I really think she was then she is the biggest hypocrite to walk the since…………Jimmy Swarggart, George Bush, Jerry Falwell………and she needs to be outed for what she really is - a media whore who will say anything to get attention and money." Democratic

Ann Coulter's making a mockery of the American public posing as a crazy blond dyed woman while making outrageous statements no sane person would ever take seriously.  

As an insult to transsexuals everywhere, Coulter needs to come clean and reveal her true gender, then maybe she can get a girlfriend (or boyfriend, if she's a homosexual man) and get married so she doesn't have to make such an utter fool of herself anymore.

I think Ann Coulter is a fake person and likely a former male.  I'm going to continue to research this topic and report back periodically on my findings. It really makes no sense Coulter's been given so much attention by the media simply because she sells books and talks politics.  I figure Ann climbed the ladder of success among those who know she's really a guy with a multi-million dollar political satire act.