Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gang Stalking & Electronic Harassment A Growing Trend

I think this would be a great idea for a screenplay if it hasn't already been done.  John Hall, MD is the author of A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America (2009) about how the government's got a band of thugs using its satellite technology to victimize people, especially women.
Dr. Hall says, “Criminals are accessing the government’s most powerful surveillance tool to commit near perfect crimes. In the book I cover the basics of satellite imaging and weaponry and the affects it has had on its innocent victims.” Press Release
People need to be aware of this stuff, it's not science fiction.  I'd highly recommend seeing the video below in its entirety of a victim of gang stalking as well as read through the on-line book. Everyone should be aware there are criminals with powerful high tech devices accessible to them.

A woman discovers what she's been experiencing comes from the pages of Dr. Hall's book.

Since I haven't yet read the book I thought I'd list a few comments of what's on Amazon:
Dr. John Hall details the reality of the unthinkable: what happens when you are "tagged" by a syndicate of degenerate high tech stalkers, bent on sexual assault, mind invasions, and murder? What would it be like to be, not only viewed and heard ANYWHERE, but also have these predators inside your thoughts?

I might have considered "A New Breed Satellite Terrorism" to be a compelling work of fiction had I not previously known about this technology and the dynamics of gang-stalking. A less informed, more skeptical reader may even reject this book as the work of a deranged, deluded mad man. However,once one reads this account, and does some cursory research on the subject, the tide turns in favor of belief. The details in the book are technically verifiable, the events plausibly framed. The passion of Dr. Hall's relentless pursuit of these techno-terrorists come through in between the lines of the text.

This book is a MUST READ for anyone ever victimized by stalkers of any ilk. It is a sobering warning to all that this CAN happen here---and does, globally, every day. Place yourself in the shoes of the innocent victims detailed in this book and ask yourself: "what prevent this from happening to me, or my loved ones?" You be better equipped to recognize the signs, deal with the onslaught, and aid the un-numbered victims of this monumentally evil technological warfare on innocent people. 

Dr. John Hall keeps you on the edge of your seat after explaining the technology. America (the global world) needs to know what hard criminals look like now. Doctors, Private Investigators, Business men more ski masks and gun point. Nothing is sacred. We can be watched, raped, or stolen from and never really even know what is happening to us! This has to stop and God bless Dr. Hall for trying to bring this to an end. Many, many victims are thankful. A MUST READ.
Dr. John Hall, MD establishes credibility for victims of psychological terror via electronic, or other advanced methods. It's a good book for many people who might have encountered strange events that they instinctively know are not attributable to neither paranormal events nor psychological malfunction. Moreover, as we grow, scientifically, we must increase awareness that wars beyond this planet might occur. Many companies, churches, political organizations and countries (perhaps even those unamicable to the USA) might have access to this Satellite surveillance technology and certainly electronic control of homo sapiens. Space Wars. It's real. Great Book. Thanks.  
Here's sections of the book on Google Books