Monday, April 18, 2011

Going Bonkers - Man in Robe and Slippers Irons on Major Freeway

Like a scene out of Steve Martin's 1984 classic The Lonely Guy, some apparent lonely guy decided to do his morning ironing on a major freeway in the U.K.   I don't know if this is some kind of protest over not having a wife to do his ironing, but either way this guy went bonkers.  Think of it, something told this guy to take his ironing board onto a major freeway, right smack in the middle of the road, to iron his clothes!  He must have had one of those portable irons.  See all the problems new technology causes society?

The authorities in the U.K. had to shut down 4 lanes of the freeway to accommodate this lonely guy's need to iron his clothes. 

In analyzing why a guy would do such a crazy thing, one can first denote he clearly wants media attention. Second, he is most likely complaining to the world he has to do his own ironing that women historically have done for their husbands.  Instead of holding a sign in protest "I'm tired of doing my own ironing" perhaps the guy just decided to act out in sarcasm.  After paying a heavy fine, he could possibly obtain interviews on talk shows and become a bit of a celebrity depending on if he has any talent.  

A scene from Steve Martin's Lonely Guy, 1984

Then again, this guy could be so bonkers that he doesn't even know what he's doing.  For someone to pull this stunt they have to see some kind of a reward for it or be completely out of their minds.   There's no doubt the authorities will likely seek a psychological evaluation.