Thursday, October 20, 2011

My First Colloidal Silver Dose Triggers Lucid Dream of Levitation

**Update*** - Colloidal silver is thus far working for me avoiding serious bouts of bronchitis.  I'll keep updating, especially as winter approaches.

Repost from April, 2011.

I had no choice but to find an alternative to the pattern of my coming down with a common cold only for it to turn into full blown bronchitis in 10 days.  The generic version of penicillin, amoxicillin, was too hard on my system to use as an antibiotic.  The only alternative I could find was colloidal silver, something I could make at home for free after a small initial investment.  The idea seemed attractive, to have complete control over one's own antibiotic production, so I decided to give it a try. 
Last night I made my first batch of colloidal silver successfully in a couple hours and took my first tablespoon orally.  Various sources on the Internet suggest one tablespoon be taken orally a day, or to inhale the solution using a ultrasonic nebulizer. Inhaling the solution is the best delivery system for colloidal silver but the nebulizer is quite expensive for those like me on a budget.  I did manage to find the same ultrasonic nebulizer they sell at that retails for $119 for $49.00 on eBay through seller walkbeyond I'll be getting in the mail Monday.

My video explains the potential dangers of overlooking steps in making colloidal silver at home.

Lucid Dream of Levitation May Be Subconscious Addressing Longstanding Health Issue

After I took my first tablespoon of colloidal silver I definitely felt the effects of it in my body and can't say it was a feeling of bliss. I figure the antibiotic is bringing the bad things to the surface to get rid of them.  Mostly I've felt tired and a little weak along with tingly sensations.  In fact, I had a strange lucid dream last night in which I levitated up to the ceiling. I figure it was just from watching those scary poltergeist videos I posted about a few days ago. See Poltergeists Shaking Things Up On YouTube.  Here's part of the dream:
"I heard someone knocking at my door. I went to the door and heard a woman leaving so I said 'are you still there?' As I was looking thru the crack in the door to see if I could see anyone, I saw a hallucination as if I had closed my eyes and there was a large round blue circle of light in the distance.  At that moment I began levitating up to the ceiling.  It all felt like it was really happening, not just a dream. See Wikipedia's 'lucid dreaming') I woke up feeling very tired."
I've had a few levitating dreams over the the years where I could have sworn I levitated off my bed crashing back down with a thud.  I came to the conclusion it was all happening in my brain and not in real life though.  I later thought I had sensations of levitating that were probably related to a health issue my subconscious was trying to let me know about. I figure maybe the colloidal silver is doing something related to that health issue which is why I had a lucid levitation dream again.  The other kind of repetitive dream I've had is also a likely health symptom.  Over the years I've had lucid dreams of pulling gobs of hair from my throat but have no idea yet what it represents.  All I know is that it's an unpleasant experience since I'm the type of person who gags if I find as much as a small piece of hair in my food. 

As I previously posted in Colloidal Silver Home Making Secrets Spread Like Wildfire,  anyone can make an inexpensive colloidal silver kit or buy a perfectly good inexpensive one for $89 that has the required two 99.99% pure silver rods.  One of the other necessities is a PPM meter I picked up from Amazon for $16.  I already had the laser pointer that's good to use to analyze the size of the silver particles in the water.  I decided to buy a few other things like nasal applicator and eye drop bottles from SilverLungs. When I get the time, I'll put up a video on how I make my colloidal silver.

I'm just crossing my fingers colloidal silver is the answer to my bronchial infection problem. In the meantime, I'll keep posting on my progress with this terrible bronchial infection that started with walking pneumonia when I was 12.  Since that time it's gotten progressively worse in my 40's and is now visiting me once a year slowly weakening my immune system.  It doesn't help to be riding a bicycle in 40 degree temps either.