Saturday, April 30, 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate A Clear Fake

The only reason Obama's birth certificate at this point in time should be any issue is that the President of the United States could be blackmailable if he's not a naturalized born citizen.  The media and Donald Trump recently put up a huge smoke screen to make the entire birth certificate issue out to be a racist one.

The truth of the matter is that, since Obama clearly can't produce a valid birth certificate, they put up a digitally manipulated version with many inconsistencies that screams it's a fake. There were good reasons for why Obama paid millions in legal fees not to disclose his birth certificate that he ultimately decided to release the latest fake one.

The issues of digital layers observed in the certificate downloaded from the White House site and its obvious manipulation can be rebuffed so I thought this other video information is much more relevant.

The people who see through this scam are basically powerless. The government thinks so little of the American people that they will release an obvious fake birth certificate knowing politics and media control trumps the law.

People who claim a PDF can be OCR'd don't acknowledge there are several layers in the document and information has been clearly changed and manipulated.

If you want a very detailed explanation for why the document's a fake, this video will clarify it all for you especially.

Adobe font was found in the document the White House had on its website when opened in Adobe Professional software.

Radio show says graphic pros are saying the birth certificate is a digital forgery.

An interesting perspective and rant from a pissed off average American on his radio program