Monday, October 24, 2011

Poltergeists Shaking Things Up On YouTube

Halloween's just few days away and everywhere I go for loan refinance signings in San Francisco people have colorful squash and mini-pumpkins on their living room tables.  Paranormal Activity 3 just debuted as a $54 million success at the box office.   I thought I'd repost interesting Poltergeists videos from a few months ago.

Poltergeists are back in the news with the latest well circulated story Mum, there's a poltergeist in my bedroom!  I never thought to check out the many poltergeist videos on YouTube until I came across the first scary one below. 

What this seems like is some desperate former living person's energy force in limbo trying to find a way back. It's pretty scary and what's surprising is how calm and collected the YouTuber NQ GhostHunter with the camera is. Note the camera's not shaking and the guy's not freaking out at all. It's kind of suspicious if you ask me.  If it's a hoax, it's a darn good one.

Another one of HQ Ghosthunter's poltergeists freaky videos. Is he using some kind of technology you think?  There's a lot of money in fake ghost videos these days on YouTube. If they can do national press conferences over a rubber mask of big foot, they can think of anything to get attention these days.

This video is clearly not a hoax, you can see the animals are truly frightened.

This is another video from the guy in the last video, showing his dogs observing the poltergeist doing stuff in the house in front of an unmanned video camera.

This one has some interesting "orbs" in them.  Keep your eyes peeled, you'll see them eventually, especially the one floating around in the dark. 

Once in a great while I visit a hilarious blog called The Dirty Disher and a few days ago they were writing about their paranormal experiences in this post Open Post And Poltergeist.
The blogger, whose a wild grandmother, talks as if she has a psychic consulting business:

"I have a Poltergeist this week. I have no picture, since I haven't seen it. So, the famous movie scene will have to do. This is one of the noisiest ghosts I have ever had. It constantly makes noise and about 10 times a day you will hear an enormous crash that sounds just like someone threw a chair at a metal cabinet full of glass wear. It rattles plastic containers and bags, knocks, taps, walks and just generally causes noise. I'm really hoping it's someone who wants to talk to a client and they come in to work today. Sometimes that happens. People think I can talk to any and all ghosts, but, that's not true. Many times I need a person who knew the ghost there for things to become clear.
If it's a random ghost I've picked up, there's no guarantee that it will communicate with me. I hope this thing isn't random because then I just have to wait it out. The noise is on my nerves. And it's making my dog nervous too. Lissa was freaked out by it and I lied and told her it was a raccoon on the roof. But, I was actually outside today looking right at the roof when I heard the crash inside. I've even crawled into the attic to see if anything could make that loud ass noise and there is nothing at all up there. I don't feel afraid of it and not at all threatened, just..gawd, it's so loud and random. It makes you jump. And it stands right beside me, I can feel it. It feels like a male energy.

I have to go to work and I have the feeling something interesting might happen today. I'll let you know. So, what are you up to?"
I'm not doubting there are poltergeists, it's just a matter of knowing how to tell the difference between a hoax and the real thing.  The Enfield Poltergeist video series is pretty convincing not all ghost videos are hoaxes.

Enfield poltergeist - pretty convincing there's life after death.

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