Monday, May 23, 2011

American Nausea Over More Birther Evidence

I was shocked to find myself throwing up my dinner at 4:00 a.m. this morning a week after I did the same over undercooked chicken.  What did I eat bad this time?  It wasn't really the coconut I put in my baked cookies that had "sell by April, 2010" on the package was it?  What's more likely is my consumption of American politics Sunday night caused my extreme nausea.  I figure it must have been the stale toxic politics I was reading about over the birther issue that made me heave my dinner early this morning.

Most Americans don't have the stomach, let alone patience, for any more of the birther nonsense.   Regardless, I feel compelled from my empty stomach to report there's now absolute 100% proof the birth certificate is a poorly botched forgery.  They even claim to have the name of the person who forged the document. See Jerome Corsi To Release Details on Key Media Person Who Allegedly Helped Create Obama's New Birth Certificate  

The most simple observation of the forgery is based on the kerning of typographical letters on the fake certificate when there was no kerning in the 1960's era.  No one can dispute this simple fact there are kerned letters on what was claimed to be an original birth certificate.

Dr. Corsi says Obama's administration "can't survive" if the American people come to learn what is presented in his book is true.  Dr. Corsi likely underestimates how many people could really care less if it's faked or not and that politics largely trumps facts.

In a recent interview Jerome Corsi, M.D., whose done massive research into the certificate issue for his newly released book, Where's The Birth Certificate? stated in a recent interview on the Bill Cunningham Radio Show that he intends on filing criminal charges against the President.  What Corsi doesn't realize is the court system is so darned corrupt they'll likely throw away all evidence against the President and be done with the issue by dismissal.
News Release: Legal proof that President Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth is a forgery.

The court will likely view any alleged evidence such as that presented above as a political and publicity stunt on behalf of a book author and thereby will likely dismiss the case as frivolous.  

If a majority of Americans could care less about Obama's faked birth certificate issue it doesn't matter if he forged it.  The same goes for all of the fraudulent wars, if Americans could care less all the laws in the world could be broken and the Congress and courts will conspire to overlook facts.  Americans largely live in a fake culture and have grown fond of living superficial shallow lives to avoid having to face painful realities.   America has become a land of zombies full of thoughtless highly programmed beings with little concern for anything beyond themselves.
Obama Long Form Birth Certificate Forged - Wash Times National Weekly Edition 20110516 pg 5

Corsi obviously thinks he's got a huge story on his hands speculating Obama's administration "cannot survive" if Americans determine he's a fraud after reading his book.  How naive can this author be?  Is Corsi ready to be laughed at and mocked by people who could care less over what many view as a ridiculous issue?   Even if Corsi has all the proof and evidence in the world, the system will likely swat him down as nothing but a pesky little fly.

In the meantime, I'm calling my doctor over why I can't stomach American politics any longer. She'll likely tell me to stop trying to digest with all this nonsense and let the little boys in their sandboxes sort out their ego disputes among themselves.