Thursday, May 19, 2011

Clown Bill Clinton Proposes Internet Ministry of Truth

Right after my post yesterday about U.S. politicians being clowns, former President Bill Clinton comes out with a ridiculous idea that there be an independent government agency to monitor truth and rumor on the Internet as an "Internet Ministry of Truth".  Of all people to propose such a government agency, is Bill Clinton trying to make us laugh?  Clinton knows darn well he lied to the nation dragging us all through his cigar sex scandal and that he has a reputation for being a slick Willie lying politician.

The fact Clinton's proposing this Orwellian big brother idea is either a comedy stunt on his behalf, or a serious psychotic break with reality to propose such a thing from his lying mouth.

"Couching the idea in the kind of doublespeak rhetoric that would make George Orwell roll in his grave, Clinton said that the agency would have to be 'independent' and 'transparent,' but that it would be created and run by the federal government – a complete oxymoron." - Bill Clinton Calls For Internet 'Ministry of Truth' -

Is Bill Clinton out of his mind or just trying to create more material for comedians reminiscent of his 1990's sex scandal? 

It's clear many politicians are becoming uncomfortable with the amount of freedom people have on the Internet wanting to reign us all in to their single minded propaganda. The reason these con artist politicians want to control freedom of speech is that it threatens their con game and future plans.  What we really need is an independent fact checking public agency to evaluate government's politician lies that alternate media's currently performing.

Bill Clinton thinks he's somehow needed as a spokesperson for truth on the Internet to the point of going to the media about it.  Think of how insane one would have to be with Clinton's monumental reputation as a liar to be proposing such a thing!  The sad thing about all of this is that Clinton's idea is neither satire or a comedy stunt, that the man's dead serious.