Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good Advice: Stay Far Away From A Corrupt U.S. Legal System

Once I realized how truly corrupt, political and rigged the legal system is, I decided I never want anything to do with it ever again.  Attorneys like Matt Weidner also agree with my determination that the court system isn't a place to obtain justice since it's being run mostly by parasitic overtly political criminals.  See A Systematic, Brutal Cammpaign To Silence Dissent - Matt Weidner Blog.   Mentally ill people can walk into a court, lie about you and the court will believe every word they say.  If you defend yourself with hard evidence they will disregard it because psychopathic sadistic judges in particular are seeking to entrap single women especially.

Courts no longer serve the people but their own business enterprise. A judge can now throw out any case he so pleases for any reason including not liking the Plaintiff.
"The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that judges can throw out cases because they don't like or believe the plaintiff ... even before anyone has had the chance to conduct discovery to prove their case. In other words, judges' secret biases can be the basis for denying people their day in court, without even having to examine the facts. Judges are also becoming directly involved in politics with the other branches of government." We've gone From a Nation of Laws to a Nation of Powerful Men Making Laws in Secret - Washington Blog
A mentally disturbed man who I had won a $25K default judgment against in 2010, was afraid I was on the verge of bringing him to court for his activities so he went into his hometown court in Walnut Creek to lie claiming I was stalking he and his live-in girlfriend.  He had no lawyer representation. I had never contacted him and, in fact, was working with an attorney at the law offices of Parker Stanbury LLP in Los Angeles to send him a cease and desist letter. I had traced an IP address of a recent harassing lawsuit threat to an Apple Store in Walnut Creek.  Two employees, including a manager, had confirmed there was a Joel Utman who worked there, though later denied, and the case went to Apple's investigative unit.  Apple later reported a name change had taken place prompting me to scour court public records confirming the change.  I later forwarded the name change documents to a third party who I had requested confidentiality from.

It turned out the only real evidence the paranoid man had of any contact was that another person had sent him a non-threatening note about his name change and future legal action. The correspondence was sent from Vancouver WA.  The court didn't care there was no evidence linked to me, that there were no police reports, and that I had denied everything I was accused of.  The court wanted to believe whatever a paranoid person involved in malicious activities on the Internet had said.  This was entrapment. This was nothing more than a corrupt court system seeking to generate legal fees for the legal community I ended up paying $2,500 over.  It was pure corruption.

How did this man get away with this?  While I had been involved in obtaining a cease and desist letter from an incompetent legal system that took two long weeks to pump out a simple letter, I took a much needed break in Las Vegas a couple of days.  When I returned there was a restraining order hanging on my door.  It was not only unlawfully served, but the basis for the RO was pure perjury. I had never contacted this man ever in my life while, on the other hand, I had received a post card and continual disturbing emails.  As far as my writing a couple blog posts about Mr. Utman disclosing his activities over the past few years, that was under my First Amendment Rights and none of them were threatening.

The kind of justice I got from the judicial system was just breath taking.  At my hearing Commissioner Joel Golub, known as a traffic court official, held up part of my filing of a post card of me photoshopped in a straight jacket to mock me in corroboration with the cyber stalker mentally person's work.  The Commissioner Golub asked "is this you Ms. Meril?" clearly demonstrating his enjoyment of the postcard.  Golub had already cracked a few jokes in his comedy central court demonstrating how seriously he took his job.  It was at that time I finally realized the court system is completely 100% corrupt doing whatever it wants to do entrapping innocent people using mentally ill nut jobs.  The court had no jurisdiction over me since I had never been to Walnut Creek. The fact I contacted the Apple Store over a harassing email wasn't enough to give the court jurisdiction over me whatsoever.

I later sent a letter of intent to file a judicial complaint against Commissioner Golub who was  brought before his superior for review of the case.  After these men cleared one another of wrong doing, as is their procedure for their secret society of manhood, I decided not to proceed with the judicial complaint opting to simply win the judgment and forward the results demonstrating Commissioner Golub believed whatever a paranoid delusional men had said in court.  The man was a complete stranger who witnesses also testified against that enabled me to obtain a restraining order in 2009 from the Concord Superior Court.

I summarize this experience by denoting many in the court system don't want people empowered to determine who is harassing them, that they are on the side of the perpetrators in how they cover-up and take their side with great ease. I thus have deduced there are mentally ill men in the court system working with their pals from the outside who volunteer themselves as government informants and big brother types to entrap people into the system they victimize and get legal fees out of. Here's my final letter to The Honorable Mary Ann O’Malley of Contra Costa County over my initial intent to file a judicial complaint against Commissioner Joel Golub.  Also see Dragonaters: How To Kick a Judge's A$$ - Dragonator's Blog

I've had other confirmations of the court corroborating with criminals, this isn't the only experience I've had.  The legal system's largely run by animals and crooks these days.  Criminals have learned how to infiltrate and manipulate the court system in their favor to twist facts and toss evidence to victimize innocent people. This is especially true of the unconstitutional Family Court system.

I since have no confidence in the U.S. Superior Court system and neither should anyone else.  Even the Small Claims Court is a farce since they make it nearly impossible to collect a judgment.  These popular judge television shows aren't reality based since they fail to disclose how overtly political our judicial system has become.