Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Many Smart Americans Prepare For False Flag Sucker Punch

After the recent publicity stunt of a sociopath career politician seeking reelection, many Americans are trying to alert their fellow naive brainwashed citizens of the strong possibility of an impending false flag attack on American soil.  For those who wish to remain in denial their government is lying to them at the very least the message is to prepare in any way possible. See Americans Preparing Like Never Before, Are You Ready for the Unexpected? - Natural 

Of course, there will always be those suckers who believe whatever people of authority say to the very end.  These kinds of people are likened to robots, something the American government prefers of its citizenry.  There's no convincing nor persuading these types of people because they've got no soul being truly mindless robots with fake superficial lives. See  The Gullible Mind Explained-

A recent poll shows Obama's had quite a boost in the polls for his latest contrived fictional story of being a hero directing the alleged murder of a man who, according to Dr. Steve Pieczenik, has been dead from Marfan Syndrome for nearly a decade. (See my post Bombshell Disclosure From Top U.S. Government Insider.) What this all proves is many Americans will believe anything their government tells them and work against those who expose the lies of their government.

Alex Jones forewarns a false flag attack is likely to follow on American soil after the latest psy op perpetrated by the evil sociopaths in the United States government.

Any American who believes this absolute well exposed fraud of the death of Bin Laden has to have the intellect of a naive child or be consciously participating in deception thinking it's the way to survive.  (See my post, Americans Under Mass Spell Help Celebrate Illuminati's Birthday.)  The truth is all over alternate news radio programs and websites for anyone who cares that they're government is lying to them.  I don't see how people who have any self-respect could possibly not look into the matter of the truth for themselves.

Americans corroborate with evil when they don't search out the truth simply believing whatever the major media and government tells them.  In the end, Americans can only blame themselves for the outcome.  After their sociopath leaders are done with them, Americans will be sucker punched multiple times and eventually turned into insignificant third world citizens enslaved to a brutal tyrannical world government.  That's the evil ones' plan for America.  

Beware, extremely evil sociopath Satanists are at the top of government and have been for quite some time.  They can hardly wait for the sucker punch, how dare you all give Obama low poll ratings that he has to put on this publicity campaign for himself? How dare you accuse him of not being a natural born U.S. citizen that he has to spend millions defending himself and put out a fake photoshopped certifiicate? See my post Is There A Doctor In The House? U.S. Government's Full of Crazies.

Next you will see just how powerful Obama Bin Laden truly is.  His wrath is forthcoming. . .