Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Spooky Poltergeist Neighbor

Ever since 2003 when I first moved into my flat in San Francisco I've had a strange neighbor, a lady around my age who appears to have no life.  What I mean by that she has no life is that she, much like a problematic roommate I had in 1999, is tuned into the smallest pettiest things I do she takes issue with.  In other words, the lady's a control freak listening for common living sounds I make in my place that she apparently monitors.

Last night the pattern continued of this neighbor's not so subtle harassment that I make noise on a Saturday night doing such things as quietly leaving my unit with a load of laundry and cleaning my bathroom.  The pattern has been that the lady protests noise by either pounding wildly on the wall and/or leaving her unit multiple times to mirror whenever I'm leaving my own.  Once she had even opened her door to complain to me about my doing my laundry.  I made a point thereafter to be very quiet opening and closing the door thinking that was the problem, but that made no difference to her.

Neighbor subtly terrorizes me over doing a load of laundry on a Saturday night.  This time she doesn't pound on my wall, but the pattern continues of her mirroring my leaving my unit and listening at her door for when I leave.

A poor lonely woman holed up in her place who never has visitors, much like a previous crazy roommate I had in 1999, is monitoring me for common sounds in my flat.

The saga continues of my being petrified of being confronted over the audacity I had to do a load of wash at 9:00 p.m. on a Saturday night, not to mention clean my bathroom.

Unlike the days of a crazy five time evicted mental patient roommate, I'm now armed with an iPhone to record harassing activities.  The iPhone's great for recording crazy people's activities because you don't have to lug around a lot of gear, it just fits in the palm of your hand.  Last night I didn't catch a whole lot of activity, but enough to show how I feel whenever this lady starts acting up with complaints I'm doing my laundry at night.

Other strange things I've witnessed from this lady is she'll appear at some far off location, I'll see her walking on one of her walking adventures while I'm on my electric bicycle. Then about 30 minutes later when I come out of the client's signing location, she'll be walking in front of the building right past me.

A video clip from my Poltergeists Shaking Things Up On uTube post a while back.  When a neighbor begins wildly pounding on your wall for doing common living things  it can make one feel a bit spooky like this video.

Last night I was a little freaked out this lady was obviously standing by her door listening, monitoring me coming and going that I felt as if I was waiting for a poltergeist with my camera.  A few weeks ago she was pounding wildly on my wall. From here on out I will be putting things to film and uploading to uTube. 

I'm sorry, but like to do my laundry at night and am well within the building rules to do so.  I have up until 10:00 pm to use the laundry room.