Monday, May 30, 2011

Pity The Poor Fools Fighting In Today's U.S. Military

They say one of the important elements of Adolf Hitler's rise to power was all the masses of dumb ignorant women who supported it.  I find a common thread of dumb mother types  supporting the idea of "honoring our troops" on Memorial Day as if we all have something to be thankful for. I for one don't feel that way. I would have been supportive of U.S. troops when they were fighting against Hitler in WWII, but not for any of the evil greedy reasons they fight for today.  You'd have to be mighty brainwashed and dumb to go along with the incompetent pathetic U.S. government's scam wars in this day and age.
It's slowly dawning on men and women serving the U.S. military that the U.S. government could care less about them.  Obama's currently considering cutting troops pay and there's no mental health support for returning veterans. While they were overseas some banks even foreclosed on Veterans' homes.
"Due to a backlog in processing thousands of disability claims, military members and their families are forced to live on the streets because of foreclosures and are heading into bankruptcy courts at an alarming rate." VA Joins Big Banks in the Foreclosure Business:  A New Wave of Veteran Homelessness -
Many Americans are oblivious to the fact returning veterans are automatically placed on the domestic terrorist list because the government knows they become angry and spiteful for its lack of support upon their return.  See Napolitano: US Veterans Are Domestic Terror Threat -

Homeland Security emphatically stated returning war veterans are a domestic terrorist threat to America.

A SWAT team recently shot a decorated Iraq war veteran, Jose Guerena, 60 times to thank him for his service to the country.  There weren't even apologies or admission of wrong doing by the SWAT animals.  See Tucson SWAT Team Defends Shooting Iraq Marine Veteran 60 Times.

The U.S. Federal government sends death squads to kill Iraq war vets on bogus suspicions these days. With all this evidence pouring in, only absolute suckers could possibly want to serve such a corrupt U.S. government.

Only fools with no self respect would continue sacrificing themselves for such a heinous beast known as the U.S. military complex.

Evidence an evil and corrupt U.S. Government could care less about returning veterans responding by placing them on the domestic terrorist list.  Those who serve the "beast" learn the hard way they're lives are really meaningless to it.

When I'm thoughtful over the meaning of Memorial Day, for me the day applies towards people who have been dead for several decades, not many of the knuckleheads of today.   People who feed the egos of those in the military are complicit in the evil taking place from our U.S. government.  My advice to these men and women fighting in fraudulent wars overseas would be to stop doing so because they're not on the side of the good guys any longer.

I'd rather die then live with a lie that I'm being protected by these government buffoons for my freedoms. Only fools could possibly fall for this "fighting for Americans' freedom" scam in this day and age.  You'd have to be a pretty dim bulb and lack self-esteem to buy these corrupt incompetent U.S. political leaders' claims these days.

The wars will end when these foolish men and women stop fighting for this hideous beast.

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