Saturday, May 21, 2011

Poor Suckers Didn't Get Raptured So Now What?

As has been widely reported in the media, today millions of Christians were supposed to have been raptured but are still here.  People all over the world are submitting jokes tracked in real time by Google of their pre-rapture experiences.   Imagine how naive you'd have to be to believe the nonsense of some 89 year old senile bitter man's publicity stunt?  One has to wonder how these poor Christians will have to deal with reality that they're all still here.  So now what?

A couple years ago two men had a national press conference the media attended over their alleged discovery of a Big Foot corpse. The corpse turned out to be a rather obvious fake dummy in a rubber suit but many people still fell for it.  After their little scheme was exposed and fearing judicial intervention, the two men took off never to be heard from again.  I was working at a law firm at the time and a few of the employees expressed shock at how the media had partaken in such an obvious hoax press conference.  "Don't those in the media have anything better to do with their time?" one woman asked.  

The Bible clearly says only God knows when the Rapture will occur that no one, not even  angels, will know when that is to occur.  Not that I believe everything the Bible says, but anyone who goes around saying he knows the day of the Rapture has clearly lost his marbles. Even  Hal Lindsey, author of The Rapture and the 70's best seller The Late Great Planet Earth, lost all credibility in the 80's when he predicted the year the Rapture would occur.  

One can go very far into this endless hoax rabbit hole if they want.  For instance, our money is really as fake as the Monopoly board game's for the benefit of some criminal bankers to enslave us all.  When the U.S. currency was taken off the gold standard in 1913 with The Federal Reserve Act, our money became debt and nothing more.  The money you hold in your hand on pay day is nothing more than debt we owe the Federal Reserve we pay interest on with our Federal taxes to the I.R.S.  Money equals debt in America and nothing more so we're all in an endless rabbit hole of emerging lies and hoaxes.

The older I get the more I see through hoaxes that are for the purpose of making the perpetrators wealthy.  This includes the latest Obama hoax of Bin Laden's murder.  When will the majority of Americans finally wake up they're being hoodwinked by their own government?