Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reality Check: Most U.S. Politicians Nothing But Criminal Parasitic Clowns

Metaphorically, placing one's hope in today's U.S. politicians is much like placing one's hope in clowns from Ringling Bros. Barnum & Baily's Circus to save the day.  The reason many people go into politics much of the time is they don't want to work for a living except to act as parasites feeding off the tax payer system as their host.

Anyone whose been around long enough knows politics is for bully cowards who manipulate and spin reality to their favor.  With a few exceptions such as Ron Paul, it's easy to summarize the reason for the mess America's in economically is because greedy criminals are running things.  Americans really need to wake up the government is run by criminals and their game is designed to rob them in every way possible. See post, [Politicians = Fake²] = U.S. Government Corruption - Sept. 3, 2011

I came to a personal revelation that I will no longer be listening to any politician believing a word of what they say nor participating in their game whatsoever.  In the last election I didn't vote for any President, leaving the choice blank.  I would have chosen a candidate for President but couldn't vote for Ron Paul because he was a Republican.   I've never voted for a Republican in my entire life but I'm no longer voting for Democrats either.  I've since learned both parties are two sides of the same coin and that the Dems simply lie better than Republicans. At least with the Repugs you know what you're getting, a rotten bunch of meat.  With Dems, they dress up the rotten meat to make you think it's good for you so you don't really know what you're getting with their slick marketing campaigns.

What this comes down to for me personally is that I will no longer be giving any attention to politicians in the United States and their con game.  These politicians are a joke, nothing but a bunch of lame con artists who use the media to obtain their goals they otherwise wouldn't achieve in their personal lives.  These men and women in government have literally destroyed our country with their deliberate criminal traitorous activities. See 50 Things every American Should Know About the Collapse of the Economy. - The Economic Collapse Blog

Who really is that man, Obama? I don't know him and that's the reality. He's not part of my life, he's just a creation of media and a corrupt political system.  He isn't real at all, he's just some nuisance politician causing big trouble in an abstract way.  I can't do anything about this moron Obama, as I couldn't about Bush, because he's not real in my life so I will no longer give him or any other politician my attention or time.  The problems are beyond repair because a majority of Americans continue to support criminals for their leaders, believing whatever the cons tell them.  Obama Is Wrong - 18 Facts Which Prove That Illegal Immigration is an Absolute Nightmare For the U.S. Economy - The Economic Collapse Blog

I can't help it if my fellow citizens are naive and suffer from television addiction and belief systems enabling them to support such a corrupt government as if they're cheering a baseball team.  Americans have become self-destructive by continuing on this path of supporting lying con artists and a two party system while believing whatever the major media tells them. It's really a sad tragic thing to observe this all happening.