Tuesday, May 17, 2011

U.S. Supreme Court Declares America An Anarchy Trashing Fourth Amendment

After yesterday's 8-1 Supreme Court ruling many are saying the debate is over now, that the United States has officially entered the annuls of a Soviet-style police state. Hard core Nazi-like criminals have taken over the U.S. government through its executive, legislative and judicial branches. From both their decisions and actions this means any thinking thoughtful American can no longer consider the U.S. government as legitimate in any respect.  How can anyone  trust a government that doesn't follow its own Constitution? It's now crystal clear that the U.S. government is the enemy of its own people.

The criminals exist as high up as the Supreme Court in yesterday's ruling to abolish the Fourth Amendment, a 220 year old law of the land based on common law from the 13th Century Magna Carta.  The ruling now gives police officers authority to enter your home without a warrant if they allegedly smell marijuana.  This puts the trust of the court system solely on the outrageous lies of power crazed low I.Q. knucklehead police officers many of whom who can't be trusted whatsoever.
Two recent Supreme Court cases have served to virtually abolish the Fourth Amendment in the United States of America, with citizens no longer being “secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”  - While You Were Sleeping, They Abolished The Fourth Amendment - PrisonPlanet.com
This ruling can be viewed as an act of war against Americans.  It means all a cop has to do is say he thinks he smells pot smoke to enter your home without a warrant to violate your right to privacy and possibly even rob you.  He may not really smell pot, but he wants to see what's inside your home nonetheless and can proclaim his authority to do so on a whim without any consequences whatsoever as declared by the highest Court in the land.

A good Judge sets the record straight, insane judges all over the country are trying to destroy the laws of the United States Constitution, the foundation of which America came into existence over two hundred years ago.

America's suffering from a growing chorus of crazy judge rulings whose crimes against the U.S. Constitution can be seen in broad day light for all to see.  These sick individuals think nothing of imposing their radical beliefs in violation of the 220 year old Fourth Amendment.  These moron judges say no one has a right to defend themselves when police unlawfully enter their home meaning, one can't even close their door!  In Indiana in the case of Richard L. Barnes v. Indiana:
“[We] hold that the right to reasonably resist an unlawful police entry into a home is no longer recognized under Indiana law,” the court ruled in the case of Richard L. Barnes v. Indiana.  Dissenting Justices Brent E. Dickson and Robert D. Rucker made it clear that the ruling represented a total rejection of rights enshrined in the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution. - While You Were Sleeping They Abolished The Fourth Amendment - PrisonPlanet.com
What the ruling means is police can shoot you dead if you refuse to cooperate for not allowing them into your home without a warrant.  It opens a Pandora's box of the possibility people who dress up in police uniforms can come to your home, rob and steal without any initial resistance. People all over the country now fear the possibility any cop can enter their home without a warrant based on a lie they smell marijuana. The government is officially criminal from the Supreme Court to the bottom.  It's pure psychological warfare they're carrying out on all of us.

These judges need to know there's something greater then themselves in this universe and that the laws of karma will be biting their lame Nazi asses one day one way or another. People died in wars fighting for America's freedom and it simply can't be set aside by some arrogant insane people in the judicial system.

These criminal judges can go straight to hell! Nothing these assholes have ever done is worthy to allow them the authority to overthrow the law of the land!  They're nothing more than criminals overthrowing the United States Constitution, something sacrificed with the blood of many noble people long ago in the nation's history. These judges just want to trash it all and are completely totally out of control. They want to hand authority and judgment over American's privacy and lives to a bunch of low I.Q. knuckleheads.