Thursday, June 30, 2011

So Where The Hell Is The Antichrist Already? I Want To Kick His Ass!

As many Americans prepare for a long-haul with survival supplies after they've deduced a tremendous economic upheaval up ahead, the one question remains for a few; where the hell is the Antichrist?  Millions of people steeped in Biblical revelation studies have all been waiting for decades to learn who the hell is going to be the one world religion Messiah? What dumb ass is going to play the role of the one world religion emperor and go down in history as a tremendous farce?  If YouTube content's any indication, the time of the beast's entry on the world stage may soon be upon us. I say, bring em on cause I want to kick his ass!

It always amazes me when I hear people think President Obama's the Antichrist.  One of the main attributes of recognizing the one world Messiah is the miracles he performs and various supernatural feats.  Does Obama perform miracles?  It seems Obama has no supernatural powers whatsoever as a mere mortal who can't even get Guantanamo Bay closed as one of his many failed campaign promises. Clearly, Obama's just a slick politician with a huge media propaganda machine.   This isn't to say Obama won't play some role in helping promote the Antichrist when the American and world economy collapses or that he doesn't have attributes of the Antichrist.  Obama obviously does incorporate much deception, back stabbing evil with his two faced personality.

This guy Mark Halperin was right when he called Obama a "dick" on Morning Joe broadcast yesterday:

I don't know anything about Mark Halperin, except that he's definitely opposed to dicks.  Listen to how he later bows down to the leader of the free world, apologizing profusely as if his eyes are about to be gouged out for daring to be honest.

The slogan "Yes We Can" was chosen for good reason.

Mr. Antichrist and his followers:  Excuse me for not worshiping you, I'd rather die or kick your ass doing it, then worship the Antichrist and those who have accepted such an evil deceptive spirit.  The new world you and "your people" are ushering in isn't for me.  'Yes We Can" spoken backwards is translated "Thank You Satan" as just one example.
You can thank President Obama for sexually assaulting you and your children at airports through his TSA by the way.  "Yes We Can" goons are everywhere.

First allow me to back step back a bit to disclose I happened upon the writings of those from the dark side back in the early 1980's who would seek to usher in a one world religion.  Unfortunately, back in those days the New Age movement was prevalent and I was hanging out in a Hermosa Beach book establishment that lit cheap smelling incense, the infamous Either/Or Bookstore.  Since I was raised early on as a Catholic, I was marked early in life with all kinds of horrendous psychological things to deal with.  I eventually came across some of the writings of an insane Benjamine Creme, some say is the father of the New Age movement, who today is attempting to usher in his man as the one world Messiah. Today Creme is the head of an organization called Share International putting out commercials on major media broadcasts such as the one below:

A lady forewarns of the great deception of the coming one world Messiah showing one of his organization's commercials.

Today I figure because I was reading this absolute bullshit and sending it off to an Illuminati based  psychiatrist, the Illuminati haven't left me alone since. They always find me wherever I work, live and harass me to no end for not following their protocols.  I tried to break free by sending letters around but that didn't work, they'd find me that way too.

What many people fail to understand is the Antichrist has many working on his behalf in the spiritual dimension, that he takes on a form of omnipresence working through his servants as such.  One particular deceptive astrologer comes to mind as being a real pain in the ass at this current time who I need not name.  The Antichrist works through all kinds of high level people in our culture including lawyers, judges and police, and you can spot them by the level of deception and victimizing innocent people they're involved with.  One of the primary characteristics I've noted of people with the spirit of the Antichrist is they always seem involved in class oppression, wanting to place others beneath them much as fascists do.  In doing so, they often use extreme methods of humiliation, torture, murder and all kinds of means to fulfill their endless insecurities.   

In my research on who the damned one is, the idiot came to my attention through another one of those The Best of Art Bell programs featuring an interview author of The Warning, Kathleen Keating back in 2002. Keating revealed her belief that "Maitreya", who promotes himself as a world teacher and performs miracles, is going to become known as the world Messiah, a/k/a Antichrist one day.  Keating added Maitreya is affiliated with the United Nations and recognized as the Messiah by many in that organization.

Since the time of the world Messiah disclosure a decade ago, Keating has virtually disappeared from public view likely because many of her event time frame predictions were way off.  Many like Keating fall into the trap of trying to predict pivotal events in the future having to later pull out of public view in embarrassment.  Now, I'm not saying Keating is at all a prophet of future events, but it does appear one of her claims of who the Antichrist is rings true.  I've been doing some research on YouTube and came across evidence the evil one appears to be preparing for his entrance on the world stage soon.

This video reveals 177 healing water wells are located around the world thanks to Maitreya's organization that mimic similar Jesus Christ healing events.

The only way to kick this idiot's ass is not accept his mark, whatever it may be. It may come in the form of a RFID chip implant that they're inflicting poor cats and dogs with these days. It may come in the form of other types of things like surrendering one's mind and spirit to machines.  All I can say is from my experience, the Illuminati don't leave those alone who they believe are still part of their family. You may attempt to reject them all you like, but they will hunt you down and kill you off one way or another, much like the Borg who kill off those who can't be assimilated. These people have plans for mass murder and tyranny straight up ahead.

Please note that while surfing for various pictorials of the antichrist for this post I definitely felt slight nausea and dizziness being affected with the search.  My stomach also was immediately responding with discomfort.  Right now I even can feel a little heart burn.  I'm absolutely serious that it affected me having to find photo depictions of evil.  My body has a physical reaction to it all.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hints of Mafia U.S. Judicial System: Foreclosure Victim Threatened And Executed After Investigating Judge Joseph Golia

**Update to case as of August 23, 2012 is here.**

This is a disturbing story you're about to read of a man who is now deceased most anyone can identify with.  It's also a story that reveals how corrupt our U.S. judicial system has become that, such as in this case, operates on the level of the Mafia as if in a third world country. The deceased man left video testimony in the event he were ever killed that his life had been threatened by a judge who had him kidnapped and detained by the NYPD.  Two months later the man was dead.

Back in 2001, Sunny Sheu was in the middle of eating his dinner when a knock came at his door someone wanted to inspect his property because it had been sold.  The only problem was, Sheu hadn't sold his home.  Sheu later discovered a couple of crooks had forged a power of attorney and sold his property whom he later had put in jail. One would have thought that the nightmare was over for Sheu when, in fact, it had only just begun of a long ten year struggle with the judicial system that ended in his murder.

In spite of all the evidence Mr. Sheu had sent to Centex Home Mortgage documenting the fraudulent sale of his property, the mortgage company ignored it.  Centex was so adamant it even filed a lawsuit against Sheu claiming the property belonged to it.  Centex claimed it had purchased the property for $1,000 that it paid off the mortgage in full.

Imagine how you would feel to learn a bank was taking ownership of your home based on the fraudulent documents of criminals?  Even worse, imagine how you'd feel to discover the judge who was hearing your case ignored your evidence siding with the bank? 
"The Centex case against Sheu went before Judge Joseph G. Golia, in Queens County NY.  Sheu said he was stunned when Judge Golia also ignored the obvious fact that the “sale” had been fraudulent, which would obviate the claim against him. Instead of immediately restoring Sheu’s rightful ownership, he said, Golia allowed the lawsuit to proceed, eventually leading to the foreclosure of Sheu’s home.
Worse yet, the judge let the case drag out for 10 years, with numerous postponements, in essence milking Sheu of all his resources. At some point, Sheu could no longer afford attorney fees and he had to represent himself.
Clearly, simple discovery— examination of documents by the court- would have proven the fraud in the alleged property sale, but Golia never allowed this fundamental judicial procedure to take place, despite Sheu’s numerous appeals, he said." - Sunny Sheu: Murdered For Investigating NY Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia? - Naked Capitalism
So let's summarize thus far just to clarify that criminals sold a man's home unlawfully to a mortgage bank. The bank refused to recognize the unlawful sale of the property, filing a lawsuit against the home owner.  The home owner was then disallowed to provide evidence to the court to prove the sale was based on unlawful fraudulent activity by those who went to jail for it.

After many complaints were filed against the judge, ten years later Judge Golia finally reversed his earlier decision and the initial foreclosure was rescinded.  However, Judge Golia still refused to restore ownership of Sheu's property to him.
"Golia was so adamant to deprive him of justice, Sheu contended, that he came up with a remarkable decision. Golia now ruled that even though Sheu’s home had been illegally sold years earlier, since Centex had already paid off the mortgage, the bank now owned the property under a doctrine known as 'Equitable Subrogation.'

'How can equitable subrogation apply to stolen property?' Sheu said, in an interview with The Black Star News, referring to the fraudulent sale. “This means if I have a lot of money, like Centex, I can pay off anybody’s mortgage anywhere without their permission and then take possession of their home and kick them out?” Sunny Sheu: Murdered For Investigating NY Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia? - Naked Capitalism
Smelling a rat, Sheu began researching Judge Golia in hopes of finding improprieties to get him removed from his case.
"According to Sheu, he discovered major discrepancies between Golia’s actual properties and the ones declared on his financial disclosure forms, including a million dollar beach house on Breezy Point on Long Island, which was described in a local magazine as belonging to the judge, and which is publicly listed as being owned by the Golia family.

On November 29, 2009, Sheu alerted Janice Howard, the director of the OCA Ethics Department, of these apparent discrepancies."  Sunny Sheu: Murdered For Investigating NY Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia? - Naked Capitalism
Sheu began contacting numerous agencies including the FBI about his discovery of the judge's financial improprieties.  After leaving a letter in the judge's mailbox, Sheu was then  kidnapped and detained by the NYPD who told him if he didn't stop his activities, he would be killed.

A deceased Sunny Sheu was killed two months after his video testimony.

After Sunny was murdered, the NYPD essentially stole his body from the coroner and had the autopsy results changed from a trauma blow to the head with a bleeding brain, to an aneurysm.

 The NYPD is involved in the cover-up of the murder of Sunny Sheu
"Sunny was kidnapped, intimidated and threatened by two NYPD detectives at the Queens DA bureau. He was told by the detectives that if he took his case to the media or filed a complaint against Golia he would be killed.
Sunny was told by the Captain of the 109th pct that the cops detained him because he had put a letter in Golia’s mailbox, proving it was Golia that ordered the illegal detention."  Sunny Sheu: Murdered For Investigating NY Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia? - Naked Capitalism

Though this is clearly a case for Columbo, my guess is all those involved believed they could take advantage of a Chinese immigrant they targeted that he would eventually give in to giving up his home.  My other guess is that Judge Golia was possibly being bribed by the bank as such to participate in such fraud.  Perhaps those who arranged for the sale of the property were working with the bank to set up the home owner that the court was also in on.  Though the perpetrators went to jail, the bank may still be taking care of them buying their silence.

In any event, the murder of Sheu reminds me of the murder of JFK by those in the government and subsequent cover-up with the removal of the body and change in the autopsy report.  It's not news to me there are cold blooded killing sociopath criminals in our government. For those who refuse to recognize conspiracies are real, all you have to do is study history. For starters, check out the conspiracy to murder Roman Emperor Julius Caesar.  Powerful control freaks use whatever means they possibly can to dispose of their enemies.

By the way, this very thing may be the reason why so many journalists of this day and age lack a spine on such a wide scale.  May Sunny Shea R.I.P. as the hero he is for helping to expose this dark evil sinister element that's taken over our government and judicial system.

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The Unbelievable Story Of The Queens Man Who Fought Foreclosure And Wound Up Dead - Business Insider

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Zapping Parasites With The Terminator Zapper

A while back I posted about how I got sick on slightly uncooked chicken.  The problem was I bought the frozen Trader Joes chicken breasts that were so large they were difficult to cook evenly to avoid parts of the chicken drying out.  For me there's nothing worse then tough, dry overcooked chicken.  I had a momentary loss of memory over the fact raw chicken is extremely dangerous after I attempted to cook it as rare as possible.  Later on at 4:00 am I threw up everything and a week later had a relapse since my stomach was still vulnerable.

After the horrendous experience, I did some reading to learn uncooked chicken can cause parasites to enter into one's intestines.  I decided to irrigate my system with something I learned about from a Truther Girl video called the Terminator Zapper. I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to take those liquid intestinal cleanse products so the zapper seemed perfect for my situation.

Truther Girl Sonia explains how she uses the Terminator Zapper along with its benefits.

Another view of the zapper.

The Terminator Zapper is the best selling parasite removal device on the market.  I've been using the zapper daily for the past four weeks and am confident the parasites are on the run, if I do indeed have any.  At first the copper discs on the zapper tended to sting my skin a little causing a few small scabs, but went away after a while.  I tend to keep the product on as much as I can.  After one month of wearing the zapper one can reduce its use to a few times a week.

Monday, June 27, 2011

U.K. Cops Break Into Homes To Teach About Burglary

The reason I'm posting this bizarre story from the U.K. is that often times things take root in that country prior to being implemented in the U.S.  With the recent abandonment of the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in a ruling by the Supreme Court and precedent rulings claiming one cannot defend themselves when police enter their property unlawfully without a warrant, this story is of particular concern.  (See my post U.S. Supreme Court Declares America An Anarchy Trashing Fourth Amendment)

This has got to be one of the dumbest things I've heard in my life, cops with nothing better to do breaking and entering onto people's properties to allegedly raise awareness about burglary.  This is another one of those trojan horse schemes big brother thought up to violate people's privacy in order to acclimate them to accept police intimidation as a necessary evil. 

"COPS are breaking into homes in a dramatic bid to highlight the risk of being a victim of burglars.

Police from Fortune Greens Safer Neighbourhood Team in West Hampstead, north London, are climbing through windows left open to alert residents to the sinister threat. Officers are carrying out the mock raids in a high-profile initiative to slash the number of burglaries.
They are committing break-ins across their patch, locking up the property and leaving a calling card to notify the stunned owner that they were there.  A young woman on her own was startled when a uniformed cop strolled into her living room after clambering in through an open bedroom window." - Burglar Cops Break Into Homes - The Sun
Applying logic, if burglary was really that out of control why wouldn't the cops be out tracking down the burglars?  Do you think these cops ever thought of the possibility of impersonators using their trojan horse, dressing up in police uniforms to make the victims feel less fearful?  Of course not, because the police have hidden intent in their operation, to make people feel more acclimated to having their privacy violated while allowing strangers to trespass on their property.  It's a form of brainwashing really. First they set out to traumatize a victim by violating them in some way, then they fortify their presence making them feel "safe" in some way. It's nothing but a big brother brainwashing operation. 
Daniel Hamilton, of the Big Brother Watch campaign group, said: “This case is symptomatic of the rapid growth of the nanny state. For police officers to be entering people’s homes without invitation is at best hugely ­invasive and, at worse, legally dubious. Trespassing on private property, regardless of any good intention you may have, is a crime.  Home owners should be responsible for ensuring the security of their property, not busy-body police officers.” - Help! The Police Have Broken In! -
This police lunacy reminds me of a story in the Daily Breeze newspaper from 1992 back when a police officer from the Palos Verdes Police Department (Palos Verdes Estates, CA)  entered the property of the late Rams coach George Allen, claiming they thought a burglar had entered late one night.  It turned out the "burglar" was a welcomed guest.  Shortly thereafter the police captain was  mysteriously awarded Ms. Allen's room full of gym equipment as a thank you for their police services monitoring her widow home. The power drunk police then moved the equipment they obtained through intimidation and unlawful entry to a nearby closed junior high school they turned into their gym.

If there's a window open the police notice, a knock on the door would seem much more logical then allowing a police officer to climb through the window violating the law.  These are some real sociopaths who think they're above the law, that simply because they wear a uniform they can do as they so please.  Any person who would approve of this police behavior would have to have extremely low self esteem and/or be highly prone to brainwashing.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

People Should Check Out Cancer Survivor Dr. Lorraine Day

I was listening to The Very Best of Art Bell radio on my ShoutCast app again last night inspired by Dr. Lorraine Day's story as a cancer survivor who defeated a very serious tumor growth by non-traditional methods.  The show was from early 2000's so I was unsure of Dr. Day was still alive when I tuned in.  Later I discovered not only is Dr. Day still alive in 2011, but as a 74 year old who recently had her first grandchildren, she looks like she's 40!   Does this lady at left look like a 74 year old to you? 

I think everyone should check out the testimony and life of Dr. Day because she has some words of wisdom about how to get healthy again.  First and foremost the message is eating right is one of the keys to good health. What makes Dr. Day interesting is she was once part of "them", the establishment she had to give up for alternative medicine and diet methodologies because she realized their methods didn't cure cancer among other curable and preventable ailments.

Dr. Day - Vaccines, Antibiotics and Depopulation Part 1 of 6

Here's a little background on Dr. Day in her own words:
January 14, 2003

Elliot Carlson, Editor AARP
Carole Fleck, author of Scam Alert Column
P.O. Box 199
Long Beach, CA 90801

Dear Mr. Carlson and Ms. Fleck:

I want to thank you for mentioning me in your column "Scam Alert" in the January 2003 issue of the AARP Bulletin, page 18. Obviously my message of Natural Healing is having a major impact throughout the country if an organization the size of AARP, 30 million members, feels the need to attack me.

Yes, I am an orthodox medical doctor who was for 15 years on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, considered to be one of the three top medical schools in the country. As Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, I trained thousands of doctors.

In addition, as Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital, one of the premier trauma hospitals in the country, I ran the equivalent of a M.A.S.H. unit for many years. For the past 20-25 years, I have been invited to lecture to doctors at numerous University medical schools including Vanderbilt, Baylor, Cincinnati, Tufts, South Carolina, Iowa, USC, Minnesota and countless medical societies throughout the U.S. including the Massachusetts Medical Society, as well as other medical organizations around the world, including the Royal Society of Medicine in London.

How surprised they will be to find out that the very doctor, Dr. Lorraine Day, these highly distinguished medical groups invited as a guest speaker, you, the editors of AARP, have designated as a quack.

How could I, overnight, go from a highly respected surgeon at the top of my field, to an AARP-designated quack?

What was my "crime?"

Answer: I had the audacity to successfully reverse my severe, life-threatening cancer WITHOUT DRUGS! According to your business partners, the pharmaceutical companies, this is the GREATEST crime of all!

Yes, I did reverse my life-threatening, end-stage cancer by totally natural methods. (You can see the pictures of the huge tumor I had, as well as my biopsy reports at my web site

Yes, I did refuse chemotherapy, radiation and mutilating surgery because, as a medical doctor with years of experience, I saw thousands of cancer patients die, NOT from their cancer, but from the painful, maiming, destructive "treatments" we doctors give them.

And Yes, I am TOTALLY WELL and Cancer-FREE a full 10 years after my tumor first appeared, and EVERYTHING I used to get well is totally free, except for food, and almost everyone has to buy that anyway.

But I understand your need to attack me and my reputation. Certainly you don't want your membership to learn how to get well from Cancer, Heart Disease, Parkinson's Lupus, Arthritis, Diabetes and many, many other diseases by natural methods, without drugs of any kind. After all, one of the main functions of AARP, according to your own advertising, is to sell drug medications to your members.

Let's see, with 30 million members (all over 55) and each one spending maybe $100.00 per month with AARP for their medication (a conservative estimate), that amounts to $3 BILLION in drug sales per month. If your organization gets a cut of just 10% of that total, that's $300 MILLION per month for you! If your cut is only 1%, that's still $30 MILLION per month you are receiving, a minimum of $360 MILLION per year!

When you have a multi-million dollar arrangement with the drug companies as you do, my message of inexpensive natural methods of healing, with NO adverse side effects, could really cut into a truly phenomenal income such as you are receiving. It's easy to see why you would choose to attack me.

One more thing, in your column you referred to natural healing as quackery, yet on the back page of your very same AARP Bulletin, January 2003, you promote a "Yearbook" with an advertising headline stating "Ordinary Ailments, Extraordinary Cures -- Health Breakthroughs and Remarkable Remedies." In that advertisement are listed SIX or SEVEN points of the TEN Step Natural Health Plan I used to reverse my end-stage cancer!

Why is it "quackery" when I promote it, but it's NOT "quackery" when YOU promote it? (see ad in AARP bulletin)

Even MORE interesting is the fact that you CHANGED the headline for the advertisement when it was published in your Bulletin. Here is the SAME ad found in another paper. The heading is very different. It includes the words:

"Remedies That Work Better Than Dangerous Drugs Or Risky Surgery"

Your AARP Bulletin obviously required that the ad be changed to eliminate these important words - to protect your enormous payoff from your drug business. You have deliberately withheld potentially life-saving information from your membership for your own monetary gain.

In the interest of fairness, I'm sure you will be more than happy to print this letter in a prominent spot in your up-coming February AARP Bulletin. I give you permission, but ONLY if it is printed in its entirety. You do not have my permission to cut and paste portions to suit your own agenda.

Just in case there's an outside chance you are NOT interested in fairness, I will post this letter on my own web site at as well as other web sites, as the public does have the right to hear both sides.

Again, thank you for mentioning me. I could never afford to buy publicity like this to an organization the size of AARP, and here you have provided it for me free of charge. You have probably forgotten, or at least have not considered the fact that there are millions of intelligent and discerning members in your organization who will be perceptive enough to search me out, to find out how they too can get well without the torturing pain, surgical disfigurement, and bankrupting expense of orthodox methods.

Thanks for letting them know I'm here! They may not have found me otherwise.


Lorraine Day, M.D.
It's interesting when a medical system that has clearly failed at curing cancer, is attacking a doctor who healed herself using alternate methods.  I'd say anyone whose battling with cancer and other serious ailments would be better off to apply the methods Dr. Day prescribes.  As I posted earlier, the medical establishment is largely a dead end for many ailments that one often has to go seeking their cure on their own.  Why? Because the medical field can make more money covering up the symptoms rather than curing the illness.

For more info visit

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Taboo Lifted For Gays & Lesbians Who Can Fly To New York To Marry

From my perspective, on Friday night heterosexual men in particular lost a huge "right" to force lesbian and bisexual women all over the country into a state of fear and intimidation as second class citizens.  Many people have no idea how intense the pressure is on young single women who have various obstacles placed in their lives by predatory men at corporations and in law enforcement to "tag" them for not conforming to their expectations.

Such devices include political intimidation and jabbing to force one into submission that one must work like a slave for a lower wage while observing the special perks given to 20 something's men who have leased BMW's, girlfriends and others they are screwing on the company property to make sure every hole is plugged in their favor. That's how shallow these spoiled cock sucked heterosexual men have been from my experience. Williams-Sonoma Corporate headquarters from the 1990's comes to mind here.

American men have largely viewed sex as a sport in our society in which they seek to plug every attractive woman they possibly can regardless if they themselves are married.  The intimidation and pressure has been too enormous for many women to deal with they simply give in to living a stereotypical life. Gradually, a long unhappy face appears on women's faces as many feel hopeless having no legal recourse. These type of bullying men breed hatred, anger, frustration and even ulcers on a wide scale for many women who have had no voice whatsoever.

I speculate the reason gay marriage has been so difficult to obtain is due to all the wonderful perks heterosexual men receive in our culture.  These spoiled men have likely feared their easy lives of a huge pool of attractive women to draw from and use to their discretion is perhaps nearing its end.  Men have feared that if gay marriage ever became legal, women would start marrying one another and they're right.  Had gay marriage been legal in my 20's or even 30's, I would have sought to marry a woman in a heartbeat.  Many women will find one another a much better option now that the legal taboo of gay marriage has been lifted. Women are now better educated then men and well integrated into the work force enabling them greater freedom of choice.

The days of intimidation are now over since those women who really aren't that into men can choose for themselves if they want to marry the same sex.  Game over for spoiled heterosexual men who have had special perks and privileges offered them all of their lives!  The game is over because women can now say "get lost" to these SOB's while having a real alternative to some of their lame Wiener-like asses.

People can now fly to New York from all over the country and get a marriage certificate. You don't even have to be a resident of New York to marry there.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Inside Sources: U.S. To Default On Its Debt

I've heard through a few sources with inside information that the U.S. is going to default on its 14 trillion dollars of debt very soon, that raising the limit is no longer an issue.  Such information has been disclosed on Wide Awake Radio news broadcasts June 21 and June 15th and recently from Lindsey Williams who was interviewed on the Alex Jones Radio program.  One source said within four weeks the dollar will be worthless.  Articles are also starting to appear about where not to be when the dollar collapses since it will be a catastrophic event.  See Top 5 Places Not To Be When The Dollar Collapses

Less concerning then having a means of money exchange should be where people will be getting their food and water from should the dollar collapse.  I noted when I went to buy bottled water a few days ago it was largely sold out with empty shelves. Food prices have skyrocketed so that there are far less sales there used to be.  I also noted I couldn't buy any roll of quarters for some reason.   These all little signs perhaps people are aware something's up ahead.

Lindsey Williams confirms Wide Awake News Guest's statement of June 15th that the U.S. is soon to default on its debt.

On the other hand, I've noted a pattern of precious metals salesmen writing articles about the impending currency collapse.  Here's a little something written by a silver precious metal salesman who always disguise themselves as caring about people to forewarn them, when the fact is they want to score a sale of silver:
The dollar collapse will be the single largest event in human history. This will be the first event that will touch every single living person in the world. All human activity is controlled by money. Our wealth,our work,our food,our government,even our relationships are affected by money. No money in human history has had as much reach in both breadth and depth as the dollar. It is the de facto world currency. All other currency collapses will pale in comparison to this big one. All other currency crises have been regional and there were other currencies for people to grasp on to. This collapse will be global and it will bring down not only the dollar but all other fiat currencies,as they are fundamentally no different. The collapse of currencies will lead to the collapse of ALL paper assets. The repercussions to this will have incredible results worldwide. - Top 5 Places Not to Be When The Dollar Collapses
After the above paragraph Charles Svoie included a link to his precious silver newsletter. What Charles fails to tell people is that silver had its largest drop per ounce in 30 years a few months ago losing $15 per ounce.  The dollar has yet to drop in value as much as silver has lately yet Charles completely ignores that fact exposing the hypocrisy of his intent.  Some say silver is headed to $15 per ounce before it ever picks up again, being clearly manipulated by various factors.  Regardless,  Charles is still promoting silver as a possible solution for the ailing dollar.

When one realizes people selling silver write this kind of stuff, one can't really trust the info any longer, at least without gathering far more sources.  Then again, one can't really trust mainstream media either since it's bought and paid for by special interests.  So who's to trust?  Perhaps one's own sixth sense and intuition is all that's really left besides a few longstanding trustworthy sources like Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute

Gerald Celente is one of the few people can trust to tell them what's really happening with the U.S. dollar, economy and world trends.

All this points to time running out to prepare for monetary collapse.  Everyone should store up on food, water, defensive weapons and emergency supplies right now.  The time is now to prepare for monetary collapse. I purchase my supplies through   If you live in a major city like Los Angeles or New York you may want to consider being somewhere else the next few months.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Colloidal Silver Put To The Test: My Cold Didn't Turn Into Bronchitis For The First Time!

I think it's important I report back since my initial post that colloidal silver used as an antibiotic has proven successful for me in combating full blown bronchitis after I recently contracted a cold again.  Prior to colloidal silver therapy, my colds always turned into full blown bronchitis no matter what I did.

I only recently had a serious case of bronchitis last January for six long weeks of misery.  At that time I decided to find a new strategy since I've been unable to prevent colds from turning into a serious illness over the past decade.  I've been unable to prevent colds from going nuclear even under a doctor's prescription of generic penicillin.  I had no choice but to find a new strategy especially since the antibiotics prescribed to me were damaging my system in being extremely harsh.

My strategy was to dispense colloidal silver through a nano particle nebulizer inhaling it three times a day.  I'm very familiar with the stages of what my cold goes through prior to full blown bronchitis.  Usually the cold starts mild and goes into remission a few days making me believe it's nearly over.  Then I'll need to start taking cold medication that causes a fluid build up in my lungs to the point of serious hacking coughs in which I practically throw up my insides for weeks upon end.  At that point I call a doctor who will only prescribe antibiotics when I have full blown symptoms of bronchitis.

When I started the colloidal silver therapy I developed no such symptoms of fluid build up in my lungs and have been able to breath fairly freely without cold medication.  The past 6 days I've only felt it necessary to take four Sudafed PE tablets.  As it stands now I'm comfortable though I do still have symptoms of a mild cold on day six.  I sleep well at night which is unlike my previous experiences of requiring large dozes of cold medication.

This information is significant since I've never been able to turn back a cold from bronchitis the past 10 years as an example of my struggle in dealing with this severe problem. I can report back with 100% conviction that colloidal silver therapy delivered directly to the lungs through a nebulizer has prevented my cold from turning into bronchitis. 

It's empowering to take control of one's own health from a failed decade long struggle.  I'd highly recommend colloidal silver as an antibiotic for treating the early stages of bronchitis.  This is not medical advice, just a matter of sharing my own experience.  I make my own colloidal silver that also saves a tremendous amount of money compared to purchasing doctor prescribed medication.

For more information, visit my original post Colloidal Silver Making Secrets Spread Like Wildfire.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why I May Be A Time Traveler - Did Art Bell Receive My Message During His 1997 Broadcast?

Last night I was listening to one of Shoutcast App's radio programs The Best of Art Bell - Somewhere in Time.  Art Bell was an extremely popular night talk radio program on the Coast-to-Coast AM radio program that's since been taken over by George Noory.  I never ever heard of Art Bell until a few months ago just to give an idea I haven't listened to talk radio for decades prior to getting an iPhone.  From my view Bell, who has since retired, was an extremely intelligent radio host and quite mesmerizing to listen to. (Photo shows Time Traveler Bell kissing my cat Cricket who drowned in a flood back in 1963)

First, allow me to say I've been interested in time travel ever since I did a lot of research for a website about the human brain I designed back in 1999 that was one of its topics.  I have a theory people who especially live by trial and error tend to delve into looking for ways to go back and correct their mistakes. Unfortunately, there's no "undo" button in real life, at least yet discovered, other than on a computer.

The Somewhere in Time Show broadcasts are from the mid-1990s up to early 2000′s. Last night I was listening to a broadcast from May, 1997 which amounts to 14 years ago.  Art had been discussing his new book The Quickening that was just published and flying off the shelves.  One of the topics Bell delved into was the quickening towards a one world government that was in what he referred to as the "warm water stage".  Bell emphatically stated to a caller's inquiry that "no nation on earth would give up its sovereignty in any of our lifetimes or generation (to a one world government)."   To my utter amazement, the next caller called in and said “you don’t have any lines open for time travelers, you should let them call in”.  With that, I wanted to call Art Bell and tell him he was gravely mistaken as follows:
"Art, in 2011 the U.S. dollar is on the verge of dying, many states are on the precipice of bankruptcy and the Chinese are said to be in negotiations to buy out some
of the United States!  In fact in the next four weeks a very credible knowledgeable person* with inside information predicts the dollar will be plummeting in value.  The Chinese are currently in the process of colonizing our country through a trojan horse known as "free trade zones" thanks to our corrupt politicians. 
They sold us out Art!  The corrupt U.S. politicians have thrown our country away to a one world government and millions of people are going to die on this planet during this dark time in history.  Do something Art!  Please do something! Anything!" - Cheryl Meril, Caller from the future, June 21, 2011
*For those interested in the info of dollar collapsing in four weeks claim, download the radio program from the Wide Awake News (Charlie McGrath) show archive for June 21 and June 15 for the details.

Art Bell was clearly a time traveler into the future but am I really a time traveler?  Did Bell somehow create a framework in radio broadcasting for time travelers to converge on his Somewhere in Time program?  Was he that brilliant?  If I'm not a time traveler, I certainly I felt like one last night.  Art has since left the United States and retired from radio broadcasting.

Maybe Art got my message from the future in the past and decided to move to higher ground.  Art probably felt his book was enough to forewarn people about what is to come.  Art never claimed to be a prophet and said his book was 90% derived from factual information.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spinning Inventions Into Gold Possible With Infomercial King A.J. Khubani

In these dire times, Americans should perhaps begin jumping on the bandwagon of becoming inventors since all it takes is one good idea to subsidize one's entire future.  I've had several ideas for products over the years but, like many other people, such could never possibly have been implemented under my circumstances.  After all, it's one thing to have a good idea, but quite another to successfully implement one.

Some of my ideas over the years have included getting rid of bulky umbrellas that are often lost and destroyed by replacing them with more effective materials and technology, anti-gravity hover shoes to relieve foot problems for those who walk long distances, mechanized carts to transport one's bulky shopping items and pet finding devices using satellite technology.

I think society would benefit greatly from those who could teach the various stages of infusing one's idea into the process of invention and execution stages.  For now, informercial king A.J. Khubani is helping average Americans present their prototype ideas to him for possible distribution.  A.J. offers people an opportunity to present their inventions to him in an American Idol audition setting for consideration of his worldwide distribution.  To me, this is far more exciting then American Idol.  The possibilities are endless since the simplest devices such as foot callous strippers sell in the millions when successfully launched.

People are excited over the possibility their inventions could reach a worldwide market thanks to A.J. Khubani, the informercial king.

There's something about the dream of becoming successful through an invention that fuels great momentum, growth and excitement in culture that we're sorely lacking today.  This, in spite of the fact inventions are easier to implement then ever thanks to new technologies and companies across the globe that will assist in providing a prototype of your idea. (See  Several 3D programs also aide in the early development of inventions prior to the prototype stage. (See 3-Dimensional Services Group)  I'm sure many would agree that hours in front of the tube among other things have distracted them too long from their dreams they gave up long ago. 

One issue that may impede inventors is the legal side of patent law that's a long arduous expensive process.  Without a patent, one has no protection from corporations milking their idea on the market. Therefore it's of the utmost importance to have a good patent lawyer help with the process of presenting one's idea to the U.S. Patent Office.  The inventor can then place "patent pending" on their product as a means of protection.

By far the all-in-one company that has clearly established itself as a leader for the invention to market process I highly recommend is This well established company provides a comprehensive means of getting your invention to market fast while educating along the way.  Remember that one doesn't necessarily have to manufacture or even distribute their invention but can have it licensed through a company that will pay a royalty for any sales of the product.

The spirit of invention fueled America through individuals, not corporations much of the time in the 18th and 19th Centuries.  Let's see if we can get back on track and start creating things again rather than focusing on the U.S. dollar as America's only product.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Good Fathers Are A Lot Like the Easter Bunny

Today is Father's Day and all I can say to my former so called father is "you sucked!"  The freak was really just a little stunted boy who never became a man having remained on the side of darkness all of his life.

I'll never forget when I was a little girl and my father once brought home monster playing cards as a gift. They were the monsters from the 1960's classic horror movies that scared the hell out of me giving me nightmares.  Today I realize my father was part of the Illuminati family of satanism as a dark evil person who had an equally hideous wife as part of a television music family.

Having viewed themselves as similar to Ricki and Lucy Ricardo in the 1950's, they were cold abusive people who scared me as a little girl to no end that I'd pack up my barbie doll suitcase and take off to a neighbor's house to escape them.  I was their household slave who they cared nothing about, since my whole purpose was to serve them and be their public relations prop.  Their activities and abuse impeded my learning abilities early in life. 

I got a huge bum deal with my parents, they were truly horrendous people beyond description and the worst nightmare anyone could ever have.  My mother once nearly shot me as a child while she was pregnant, having seen my shadow in the hall.  She also threatened to shoot my father once during a fight.  Dumb as can be, stupidity played into why my parents were both so evil in nature.  I was always embarrassed to have friends over because my mother would always do something crazy like have a "rub ashes onto your face" game to humiliate them.

The last few times I visited my mother after her divorce she was doing crazy things when such as playing her satanic numerology card game all by herself.  She also shared a family book about some spirit translation spoken through someone similar to the book Seth Speaks. She was 100% delusional about her status in society being just a dumb housewife with no life.

When I read stories about similar type of parents I'm not surprised.  Like the French aristocrat Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes who had a mistress he owed thousands of dollars to that he lost it and shot his entire family taking off having yet to be found.  People can no longer assume being a father automatically makes one a good person.

My parents threatened to kill me and my sister on numerous occasions that we'd have to lock ourselves in the bathroom terrified for our lives.  It wasn't even clear to us what we had done wrong to deserve such threats. My sister died in 2002 at the age of 34 in real bad condition having been born to a couple of rotten stupid satanists.  They were a couple of rodents who had everything handed to them by a tv celebrity, an easy life with a convertible T-bird in 1955 most guys would die for, nice homes in the suburbs, fame, etc.

What was dumb ass's favorite and only meal he ever prepared for our family in return for all the chores I did for the asshole?  Top Ramen soup from the package!  You get two cups of water, boil, throw in the noodles, and make it "gourmet" with scrambled eggs. Wow! 

I've ignored every single father's and mother's day since I left home 35 years ago in 1978 so I thought I'd set the record straight as to why.  I remember the time I was forced to sit down and write "honor thy father and mother" hundreds of times for something I had done, not worshiping them appropriately.  The brainwashing method obviously didn't work.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Is America's Bubble World About To Burst?

There's a lot of hyped up predictions happening on alternate news I usually ignore but this one caught my attention.  On June 15th, a guest on the Charlie McGrath Wide Awake News Radio Program said he has inside information the U.S. has defaulted and has officially lost its credit rating and the Federal Reserve won't be printing out any more money. 
"There is no more credit for the U.S. gov't, the credit line has been pulled.  They have no choice but to stand aside and allow the markets to collapse.
China along with the Federal Reserve has called in the U.S. debt.  So, it's game over for the U.S.  China is already in talks with buying out several states in the U.S. in lieu of their payment for the money they hold in U.S. currency.  They're looking at Michigan and a couple other states to purchase.  The U.S. is already started to be broken up in sections.

Bank of America will be one of the first banks to go.  What this all means is mass failure of very large financial institutions.  Game over, no more credit.  None, zero zilch.  America's starting to be sold off in sections to foreign interests.  That is it."    - Link to interview
According to the guest, the collapse will happen behind the scenes while people live their every day lives without even knowing it.  The guest also said the U.S. dollar will strengthen over the next six weeks and people will be flocking to it.  The guest finally disclosed that by the end of 2011 the U.S. and world economies will have completely collapsed.

Here's one of Charlie's video rants called "Madness":

A Charlie McGrath rant video back in March, 2011

Here was an interesting post I found that sums up how many Americans feel about what is to come:
Go to Youtube and search "Greek Riots".
This is absolutely out of control.
The police are on the defensive.
I can't wait for the riots to come to America.
Police have been killing Americans with impunity for so long and laughing at people as they get away with beating and killing them.
Our prosecutions are political witch hunts as our government allows its partisans to commit felonies.
Justice for the bank fraud and oppression are coming due.  The masses must teach the elite that crime does not pay.

All the jokes about getting raped in jail.  All the oppression.  All the criminal racket justice with criminal judges, prosecutors and police abusing their authority and using the justice system to prevent justice.   All the arrogant piece-of-shit judges acting as if they are God demanding that they be called "Your Honor".   All the, "Calm down and quit resisting.", as police mercilessly beat Americans who were curled up in a fetal position.

All the judges who retaliated with draconian sentences for people exercising their rights only to have further injury added to injustice when people demanded Constitutional rights!
All the judges who make it impossible to hold the police responsible for their crimes against the people.

A reckoning is coming! Let them fucking fear now!  Let's see how funny they think it is now!  Let's see how they gang up and beat on some guy and then charge him with resisting arrest.  The time for American justice is coming.  I hope it comes to every American city.  We will see how tough these peice of shit cops are then.

What America needs is a police registry so when they start oppressing the American people, the people know where these criminal live and know where to go.

We will see what big bad-asses they are then as they earn the just rewards for all the lives they have destroyed.

I can't wait until they try that here with armed Americans!
Now is not the time to let the government have your guns!

See you boys soon! - Forbes Discusses Stock Sell-Off Amid Massive Greek Riots

As for all those who are still watching American Idol and their sports programs acting like everything is okay, stop if you want to survive what is to come because time is running out.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Google Maps Not Legally Responsible For Poor Directions Causing Accidents

A while back I was significantly perturbed a SF bike map app I had paid for directed me on a convoluted steep dead end route to my destination.  Regardless, I would never think of suing a service provider as such since a software app is a lazy person's way of obtaining directions.  After all, prior to the GPS technology one would have to sit down with a map the old fashioned way to figure out the best route. In other words, back in those days people had to think for themselves.

People who rely heavily on GPS and related mapping services offered by Google and others should take heed courts have repeatedly ruled against Plaintiffs by stating they are solely responsible for any problems associated with any bad directions.

It boggles the mind someone actually filed a lawsuit claiming Google Map's faulty walking directions resulted in their being struck by a car. reported:
Lauren Rosenberg argued that Google was liable for her injuries because it had a "one-on-one" relationship with users of Google Maps. Providing her with directions over the Internet, she said, “was no different than if Plaintiff had called Google and orally asked a Google employee for walking directions.”
Imagine someone walking up to you wanting directions somewhere and then suing for your allegedly providing incorrect information that caused them to suffer damages in some way.  That's the position Google Maps was placed in with Lauren Rosenberg.

Even more dangerous then bad directions is attempting to read a GPS device while driving.  Does this distracting service mean people are going to start suing for the accidents it causes?  See GPS Navigation:  Why Care Accident Attorneys Believe It Is Very Dangerous

Likewise, I think people rely far too heavily on the U.S. government in so many areas of life instead of thinking for themselves and doing their homework. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Iron Fist Comes Down On Outspoken Attorney Matt Weidner To Silence Him

Anyone whose followed my blog a while knows I generally despise attorneys since I discovered they're mostly about following the money and not the law.  In other words, the law is just a secondary issue many attorneys use to get to the cash and judges act in the capacity of their  business partners.

It's come to my attention one of the few attorneys in the U.S. who writes freely about corruption and the facts behind how severe the foreclosure crisis has become is under great pressure to silence himself.  Attorney Matt Weidner writes as follows:
"My time here writing freely and speaking my mind (and almost always backed up by good research or facts) is sadly coming to an end.  As I have referred to rather vaguely over the last several months, speech is no longer free in this country….and especially speech that challenges powerful interests and the status quo.  Forget what you thought you knew about this country, your freedoms and protections….those are naive and quaint illusions from a time far, far away and long, long ago.
For now…and only for a little while longer…I’ve got just a few more bits of information to share with you….God willing I won’t be one forever, but my ability to share with you all will be severely restrained…." - Matt Weidner, June 15, 2011 - Matt Weidner Blog
 Obviously, this attorney's under pressure to stop writing the truth as he sees it.

So many trusting Americans have no idea the U.S. judicial system is nothing more than a business enterprise of a secret society among judges and lawyers.  It's mostly a rigged game designed to maximize the income of all players involved and nothing more.  Much of the time it's not at all about justice or the law though they want the public to believe it is.  In fact, politics trumps the law in the courts much of the time.  Just look at the O.J. Simpson murder trial as one example.

In an article today, Weidner follows up his bad news with:
I appreciate all the kind words and support from all of you.  I remain absolutely, 100% committed to standing up and defending the fundamental rights of all Americans and most importantly to supporting and defending our most important branch of government, our courts and the judicial branch.

These are very difficult times in this country and I’m afraid things are going to get worse.  I also believe that the only real hope any of us have of resolving what’s wrong and turning around this country is through the hard work and passionate dedication of the consumer rights attorneys and advocates who are stepping up and fighting for the rights of every person in this country. - How The Mortgage Industry Bullies Advocates - Matt Weidner Blog

My guess is Weidner's continuing with his blog would jeopardize his clients' cases so he must stop.  Judges might simply begin ruling against Weidner's clients in spite of the law and facts.  Yes, judges do whatever they want much of the time unless it's an obvious black and white legal issue such as contract law.  As previously stated, politics trumps law much of the time in this country.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Police Torture Innocent Victim Over Crooked License Plate Traffic Stop

Back in 2009 a young Bruce Harper was pulled over for having a crooked license plate.  Harper made a mistake of not obeying what the police officer said when he got out of his car to ask what he did wrong.  Harper kept asking questions in a peaceful manner and the police officer would not intervene for a reasonable resolution.  Instead, the police officer responded by torturing Harper repeatedly with a taser, even when the victim was on the ground handcuffed.

This horrifying video is an example of how police officers torture innocent people for simply not obeying their every whim.

Needless to say, a lawsuit was filed resulting in an undisclosed settlement tax payers in Bountiful Utah will pay for. Whenever police officers screw up, the tax payers pay for it. Many officers don't even lose their jobs for their misconduct.

What this all means is that police officers are torturing people on the tax payer's backs.  Sadly, there are plenty of sadists in America who believe the police acted correctly to torture someone for mere disobedience and questioning them.  I personally believe police officers should have to pay for these settlements for their egregious unlawful activities by retroactively losing their jobs and pensions.

 Bountiful City Settles Taser Lawsuit

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

China Set To Invade America By Trojan Horse Free-Trade Zones

In another sign U.S. politicians have sold out America to one world foreign interests, China has been given the green light to invade the U.S. through free trade zones (FTZs) on U.S. soil.

The U.S. government has created 257 free-trade zones throughout the U.S. to enable foreign interests to occupy America taking even more jobs away from its citizens.  The zones are designed to make it easier for countries such as China to do their trade business by receiving special U.S. customs treatment among other perks.

The trojan horse zones are currently located near airports with nearby multi-modal transportation systems to move free-trade goods cheaply.  According to best selling author's Jerome Corsi's Red Alert newsletter, the initial stages of developing the trade zones have already started in Boise Idaho through a Chinese company, Simomach and Hoku Materials, Inc.
  • Hoku Materials Inc., a subsidiary of a Chinese energy firm, has 500 people building a $400 million plant to make polysilicon for solar panels, in Pocatello, Idaho; Hoku expects to begin production this year, employing 250 people;
  • Simomach, China's third-largest contractor with more than $14 billion in sales last year, told Southeast Idaho Energy, which is planning to build a $2 billion fertilizer plant in Power County, it wants the contract for engineering, procurement and construction in the fertilizer plant; Southeast Idaho Energy plans to turn goal into gas to produce nitrogen fertilizer and sulfur, hiring 700 to 1,000 people during construction, with 150 permanent workers.
Whose to say this framework couldn't be used for military purposes in the future?  According to Corsi, fears of China using the TTZs as a trojan horse to invade America is very real:
"There is nothing in the U.S. government's description of FTZs that would prevent a foreign government, like China, from operating a shell U.S. company that is in reality owned and financed by the Chinese government and operated through a Chinese government-owned corporation," Corsi wrote
The American Dream blog also expresses similar concerns over China's intent and our leaders willingness to allow such an invasion by a communist country that has expressed great hostilities towards America throughout its history:
"In addition, these 'special economic zones' represent a massive national security threat.  The communist Chinese could potentially be able to bring in and store massive amounts of military equipment virtually undetected. In the days of the Cold War, we would have never dreamed of giving the Russians a 50 square mile city in the middle of Idaho. But today we have become convinced that the communist Chinese want to be our great friends." - China Wants To Construct A 50 Square Mile Self-Sustaining City South of Boise Idaho.
It's been noted by some that China's leaders view Americans as on the level of children, in other words, as extremely naive and trusting.   Just how dumb and naive are Americans to allow its government to empower China to take over land to create jobs for themselves?  Only time will tell.

Gradually and below the radar, criminals who have taken over the U.S. government are implementing their plans.  Too many Americans are asleep at the wheel to notice or even care.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Predatory Student Loan Vultures Help Universities Profit At Taxpayers Expense

Twelve years ago I was trying to alert the legal establishment I worked for to the fact that bankrupt people of late age were being handed enormous student loans who had no intention of paying them back.  I knew back then that universities were scamming people late in life to get a PhD after their name for $90,000 who couldn't even get a job at MacDonalds if they tried.  See In an Economy Where Everyone is Overqualified, an Advanced Degree is Virtually Worthless -

The reason I was concerned over this matter is I knew that younger taxpayers such as myself would later foot the bill and that I was already experiencing class oppression from the infusion of large amounts of free cash as such that placed me at a great disadvantage. (Please note I've also uploaded a more detailed oriented audio blog file of my testimony related to this story here.)

My Story of Class Oppression From A Corrupt System

Back in 1996-1999 I was a native Californian in my 30's being harassed and oppressed by a well documented mental patient grant writer roommate.  The lady repeatedly referred to herself as being considered a genius by her peers.  Public records show the lady, 55, came from another state who had floundered with five court evictions in five years in San Francisco prior to obtaining a $90,000 student loan in conjunction with a PhD program at the California Institute for Integral Studies.  (See Open Letter to CIIS -  There was also a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filed in 1995 and highly revealing legal documents filed over a government subsidized mental health related housing project known as the Progress Foundation.  A very trusting leaseholder, the late Betty Fairchild, a famous author in her late 70's, let the lady move in without reference checks believing she'd be a nice college teacher type.

Like something out of a well known horror movie (see, Pacific Heights film), after Ms. Fairchild moved, the five time court evicted lady would call the police as a means of intimidation and harassment to force me to move so she could obtain the entire lease to herself of a tremendous deal.  In her ultimate plan, the lady would speak of me as if I was an adolescent  living off of her while showing the cops her teaching badge from the university program.  The police were called several times as follows:
  • When the carpet was replaced in the kitchen at my expense due to water damage, her kitchen table had to be moved to the porch area. She called the police when the carpenters were working and I wasn't there to defend myself.
  • When she staged messes when I wasn't on the property so I couldn't defend myself to police.  I was later accused in court documents of smearing shoe polish in the bathtub and bringing "tons of dirt" onto the property as well as not flushing the toilet.
  • When I moved in a brand new fish aquarium for my peace of mind she had initially attempted to prevent  from being moved in by telling the mover I wasn't home.  She then called a police officer who rushed over to tell me "who do you think you are?" over her petty ridiculous complaints I had moved over her large exercise equipment in the hallway.
  • When she put up nasty sign in the common areas while removing my property from shelves declaring she paid 75% of the rent and therefore I was only entitled to 25% of the common areas.  I was later placed under citizens arrest for raising my voice over the harassment activities. The officer took the the lady back in secret to concoct a story to justify placing me under citizen's arrest and he wrote up a false police report he saw a "welt" on her face.  There were no medical reports to back up such a claim whatsoever.
  • Over missing rags and light bulbs a local neighborhood foot officer stopped by for. I had a witness for this one, someone I was helping in his college research by using my computer that day.  He saw the whole thing unfold he couldn't believe.
I never called the police though I could have many times, especially when the former elderly lease holder in her late 70's was living there who was feeling great stress while suffering falls on the property.  One would have thought police would have nothing to do with the pettiness of these civil matters, but it turns out one officer in particular was encouraging the complaints while giving the lady advice on how to get me off the property by hiring a lawyer she couldn't afford, etc.  The officer later had conversations with the lawyer and even other tenants on the premises, that's how involved he was in petty roommate disputes and false accusations to drive me off my property.  It was overheard that the officer was described by the lady's attorney as being "very upset" over the entire matter.

The latest  report on the university college loan scam from  I saw this all coming a long time ago back in 1999.

Essentially, the police were involved in unlawful harassment of me through a mental patient evicted by two government subsidized housing programs, The Mary Elizabeth Inn and the Progress Foundation as well as three other private property owners in five years.  The lady was empowered because she obtained a $90,000 + interest through three predatory lending institutions that she had no intention ever paying back.  Public records show a second bankruptcy was filed in 2005 when new creditors came knocking on her door for thousands of dollars in unpaid credit cards. 

One might imagine the legal fees and humiliation the paranoid schizophrenic roommate in denial put me through.  I was completely innocent of the paranoid's twisted versions of reality to suit her inflated ego and scheme.  I worked very hard with long hours at law firms to eventually recover from these burdensome activities.  The lady was able to pull it all off thanks to a corrupt  system that enabled her to obtain $90,000 of free money to then file false police reports to obtain one of the best lease deals in San Francisco all to herself. The flat had 3.5 bedrooms, a two car garage and a backyard garden patio for $1,250 in a nice area across from Golden Gate Park and museums during a housing crisis.

To summarize, these are simply parasites feeding off their host middle class taxpayers who use criminal methods of non-detection in gaming the system.  I'm a native Californian whose lived in this state 50 years who has never received any government subsidized services.  To me these assholes are nothing but worthless blood sucking parasites supporting their matrix of failure.
Police Officer Ronald Gerke
Police Officer Ron Gerke