Thursday, June 2, 2011

Birdwatcher Jailed For Sage Possession Under Felony Marijuana Law

This story is an example of how desperate law enforcement can be to entrap women into their tortuous system because some being psychopaths causes them to seek enjoyment over others' suffering and pain. 

In order to begin facilitating torture to an innocent woman, Deputy Sheriff Dominic Raimondi, 51, of Boward County Florida decided the 50 grams of sage he discovered in a female birdwatcher's backpack was marijuana.  The sage was later supposed to have been tested at the crime lab but never made it likely because they knew it wasn't marijuana in the first place.

Regardless of the sage, three months later Robin Brown, 49, of Hollywood Florida was arrested in front of her customers, stripped, given a body cavity search and placed in jail. (Photo at right is good ole boy Ron Ishoy of the Broward State Attorney's Office having a good laugh after torturing a birdwatcher by prosecuting her over sage possession).

The injustice all started when Brown went on a birdwatching adventure bringing sage to burn as part of her prayer offering.
"As an avid birdwatcher, Brown brought her sage along for smudging, a purification ritual among Native American tribes and spiritual groups. Brown said she believes the smoke from the sage helps clear negative energy and also helps your prayers on their way to heaven.  Before going back to car, Brown burned the sage in a clay pot to give thanks for the wildlife she had seen that day." - Birdwatcher Arrested For Sage in Botched Marijuana Bust -
My guess is these men knew full well it wasn't marijuana and were looking to have some fun busting the woman for what they viewed as a witch ritual.  Let's face it, it's not every day you find a woman alone in the wilderness burning sage. Such activity would likely strike law enforcement as a little odd.  Where was her husband or boyfriend is probably what they wondered.  Was she casting spells?  Was it a voodoo curse ritual?  Listen to this video as this lady explains what she was doing and you decide.

As one might imagine, after the charges were dropped Brown filed a lawsuit for public humiliation, emotional pain and suffering accusing the Broward State Attorney's Office of negligence and malicious prosecution.   Needless to say Circuit Court Judge John Bowman dismissed the case claiming "prosecutors are given immunity from lawsuits in the course of doing their jobs." 

One can observe how these men cover up for one another knowing there are no legal consequences for their deliberate entrapment. Since karma's a bitch it wasn't too long after his decision that the incompetent Judge Bowman (clown at right) was accused of sexual abuse:
"Judge Bowman's a real piece of work himself. In January, he was accused of sexual abuse by his ex-foster son, Charles Harper, 18, reports Stefan Kamph of Broward-Palm Beach New Times."
What they did to this woman was a form of rape and psychological torture that she will likely suffer over for years to come.  Many women have no idea men of authority often do these kind of things for entertainment and/or in order to force them into social conformity as a form of social engineering.  Single women especially should be vigilant over such predators of authority seeking to entrap them in the system for male domination and abuse.  

The good news is that, as with Judge Bowman's sexual abuse exposure, these kind of sadistic bastards who joke and have fun over innocent people's suffering will eventually come to learn karma's a REAL bitch.