Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dog Lover Moves Heaven & Earth To Free Trapped Pet Under Tons of Rock

This is a sweet story about a young Jack Russel pooch in Austrialia that became wedged between two huge boulders during a rabbit hunting trip with his owner.  Owner Steve Porter spent several days and cold nights trying to free Jessie who could only move her head and paw.
"Mr Porter and his son Tom initially tried jacks and crowbars with the help of friends. They then called in SES, which could move only the smallest boulder before the massive ram was hired from Melbourne to move the bigger 30-tonne rock. The men toiled as late as 1am through bitterly cold nights. "We literally moved this massive rock millimetre by millimetre," Mr Porter said. - The Herald Sun

Since it took 7 days to free Jessie, she was fed pieces of liver on a wire.  The story made no mention of how they managed to get water to the pooch.
"Lying flat, he pulled Jessie free from her crevice using a dog-catching hoop. 'It was quite emotional,' he said.  'I think we all just jumped in the air and said: 'Thank God'.'  Mr Porter, whose eldest son is a vet, said he had considered putting Jessie down as hope faded but couldn't without trying everything possible. 'Dogs are man's best friend,' he said. 'We felt we owed it to her. The easiest thing to say was the dog would die or we could say let's try our best. And we did. We rallied together and said 'We can do this'. Where there's hope there is life." - The Herald Sun
 Photo gallery of Jessie's rescue.