Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FDA Terrorists Seize Elderberry Concentrate As Unapproved Drug

The psychos at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are busy making sure Americans have as little access to health supplements as possible with their latest criminal raid on a fruit juice company.  Wyldwood Cellers in Kansas was recently raided under claims its Elderberry concentrate is an "unapproved drug."  Bullshit! 

Fitting the pattern of laying low a few months after its initial harassment, the FDA typically refuses to cooperate with clearing health supplement companies from its accusations in spite of their efforts. In this case, Wyldewood hired a consultant to respond and adhere to the FDA's requests to modify certain health claims that were allegedly made in violation of federal law.  After making the appropriate changes, and clarifying that the elderberry products in question were supplements, John Brewer, co-founder, says his company had done what it needed to in order to be in compliance.
"We hadn't heard anything from the FDA since," he told reporters, noting that following the changes up until the raid, the FDA had ceased communicating with Wyldewood. 'They've been in our facility multiple times. It's like, 'C'mon guys, we changed our label, we changed everything we thought we were supposed to do.' And then they show up and do this. Supplements seems to be one of their hot buttons these days."  FDA Sends US Marshals. . . . www.NaturalNews.com
The bribed scoundrels at the FDA are obviously on the level of the Mafia terrorizing and intimidating legitimate businesses that are competing with greedy pharma companies that want to drug Americans into oblivion.  The FDA has proved that it's nothing more than a terrorist organization owned by monopolistic pharmaceutical companies that pay out bribes in the form of campaign contributions.
"This tactic, of course, has become all too common in recent years. A company receives a warning letter from the FDA, makes the appropriate changes, never hears anything further from the FDA, and out of nowhere gets raided. Such actions on behalf of the FDA are ultimately unwarranted and illegal, and the offended parties have every right to sue the agency for damages."  FDA Sends US Marshals. . . . www.NaturalNews.com
 In a pattern similarly described in my other posts, see here and here, these government agencies' intent is to ensnare and entrap victims in order to call in SWAT teams to wage micro wars.  Once an allegation is made, there is no mitigation allowed.  The FDA and police agencies are blatantly behaving as criminal terrorist organizations violating the rights of Americans and businesses. 
"You think you are doing things correctly, and there hasn't been any word, and all of a sudden you get this," said Brewer to The Kansas City Star.
The FDA isn't even trying to hide its criminal activities from the American people that it has the audacity and arrogance to issue press releasesSee FDA Seizes Elderberry Juice Concentrate at Kansas Company - FDA Release thru PR Newswire 

Clearly the U.S. Federal government openly works on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry that feels threatened with health based supplement companies.  The pharma industry so profits from ill Americans that it wants to prevent health supplements to keep them healthy and/or heal them.  As such, Americans are viewed as nothing more than cattle to the pharma industry and Federal government.  

Is the FDA testing for radiation?  Testing U.S. milk or Alaskan fish?  The Federal government cares nothing more than about various industries its been bribed to protect through enormous campaign contributions.