Friday, June 17, 2011

Google Maps Not Legally Responsible For Poor Directions Causing Accidents

A while back I was significantly perturbed a SF bike map app I had paid for directed me on a convoluted steep dead end route to my destination.  Regardless, I would never think of suing a service provider as such since a software app is a lazy person's way of obtaining directions.  After all, prior to the GPS technology one would have to sit down with a map the old fashioned way to figure out the best route. In other words, back in those days people had to think for themselves.

People who rely heavily on GPS and related mapping services offered by Google and others should take heed courts have repeatedly ruled against Plaintiffs by stating they are solely responsible for any problems associated with any bad directions.

It boggles the mind someone actually filed a lawsuit claiming Google Map's faulty walking directions resulted in their being struck by a car. reported:
Lauren Rosenberg argued that Google was liable for her injuries because it had a "one-on-one" relationship with users of Google Maps. Providing her with directions over the Internet, she said, “was no different than if Plaintiff had called Google and orally asked a Google employee for walking directions.”
Imagine someone walking up to you wanting directions somewhere and then suing for your allegedly providing incorrect information that caused them to suffer damages in some way.  That's the position Google Maps was placed in with Lauren Rosenberg.

Even more dangerous then bad directions is attempting to read a GPS device while driving.  Does this distracting service mean people are going to start suing for the accidents it causes?  See GPS Navigation:  Why Care Accident Attorneys Believe It Is Very Dangerous

Likewise, I think people rely far too heavily on the U.S. government in so many areas of life instead of thinking for themselves and doing their homework.