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Hints of Mafia U.S. Judicial System: Foreclosure Victim Threatened And Executed After Investigating Judge Joseph Golia

**Update to case as of August 23, 2012 is here.**

This is a disturbing story you're about to read of a man who is now deceased most anyone can identify with.  It's also a story that reveals how corrupt our U.S. judicial system has become that, such as in this case, operates on the level of the Mafia as if in a third world country. The deceased man left video testimony in the event he were ever killed that his life had been threatened by a judge who had him kidnapped and detained by the NYPD.  Two months later the man was dead.

Back in 2001, Sunny Sheu was in the middle of eating his dinner when a knock came at his door someone wanted to inspect his property because it had been sold.  The only problem was, Sheu hadn't sold his home.  Sheu later discovered a couple of crooks had forged a power of attorney and sold his property whom he later had put in jail. One would have thought that the nightmare was over for Sheu when, in fact, it had only just begun of a long ten year struggle with the judicial system that ended in his murder.

In spite of all the evidence Mr. Sheu had sent to Centex Home Mortgage documenting the fraudulent sale of his property, the mortgage company ignored it.  Centex was so adamant it even filed a lawsuit against Sheu claiming the property belonged to it.  Centex claimed it had purchased the property for $1,000 that it paid off the mortgage in full.

Imagine how you would feel to learn a bank was taking ownership of your home based on the fraudulent documents of criminals?  Even worse, imagine how you'd feel to discover the judge who was hearing your case ignored your evidence siding with the bank? 
"The Centex case against Sheu went before Judge Joseph G. Golia, in Queens County NY.  Sheu said he was stunned when Judge Golia also ignored the obvious fact that the “sale” had been fraudulent, which would obviate the claim against him. Instead of immediately restoring Sheu’s rightful ownership, he said, Golia allowed the lawsuit to proceed, eventually leading to the foreclosure of Sheu’s home.
Worse yet, the judge let the case drag out for 10 years, with numerous postponements, in essence milking Sheu of all his resources. At some point, Sheu could no longer afford attorney fees and he had to represent himself.
Clearly, simple discovery— examination of documents by the court- would have proven the fraud in the alleged property sale, but Golia never allowed this fundamental judicial procedure to take place, despite Sheu’s numerous appeals, he said." - Sunny Sheu: Murdered For Investigating NY Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia? - Naked Capitalism
So let's summarize thus far just to clarify that criminals sold a man's home unlawfully to a mortgage bank. The bank refused to recognize the unlawful sale of the property, filing a lawsuit against the home owner.  The home owner was then disallowed to provide evidence to the court to prove the sale was based on unlawful fraudulent activity by those who went to jail for it.

After many complaints were filed against the judge, ten years later Judge Golia finally reversed his earlier decision and the initial foreclosure was rescinded.  However, Judge Golia still refused to restore ownership of Sheu's property to him.
"Golia was so adamant to deprive him of justice, Sheu contended, that he came up with a remarkable decision. Golia now ruled that even though Sheu’s home had been illegally sold years earlier, since Centex had already paid off the mortgage, the bank now owned the property under a doctrine known as 'Equitable Subrogation.'

'How can equitable subrogation apply to stolen property?' Sheu said, in an interview with The Black Star News, referring to the fraudulent sale. “This means if I have a lot of money, like Centex, I can pay off anybody’s mortgage anywhere without their permission and then take possession of their home and kick them out?” Sunny Sheu: Murdered For Investigating NY Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia? - Naked Capitalism
Smelling a rat, Sheu began researching Judge Golia in hopes of finding improprieties to get him removed from his case.
"According to Sheu, he discovered major discrepancies between Golia’s actual properties and the ones declared on his financial disclosure forms, including a million dollar beach house on Breezy Point on Long Island, which was described in a local magazine as belonging to the judge, and which is publicly listed as being owned by the Golia family.

On November 29, 2009, Sheu alerted Janice Howard, the director of the OCA Ethics Department, of these apparent discrepancies."  Sunny Sheu: Murdered For Investigating NY Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia? - Naked Capitalism
Sheu began contacting numerous agencies including the FBI about his discovery of the judge's financial improprieties.  After leaving a letter in the judge's mailbox, Sheu was then  kidnapped and detained by the NYPD who told him if he didn't stop his activities, he would be killed.

A deceased Sunny Sheu was killed two months after his video testimony.

After Sunny was murdered, the NYPD essentially stole his body from the coroner and had the autopsy results changed from a trauma blow to the head with a bleeding brain, to an aneurysm.

 The NYPD is involved in the cover-up of the murder of Sunny Sheu
"Sunny was kidnapped, intimidated and threatened by two NYPD detectives at the Queens DA bureau. He was told by the detectives that if he took his case to the media or filed a complaint against Golia he would be killed.
Sunny was told by the Captain of the 109th pct that the cops detained him because he had put a letter in Golia’s mailbox, proving it was Golia that ordered the illegal detention."  Sunny Sheu: Murdered For Investigating NY Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia? - Naked Capitalism

Though this is clearly a case for Columbo, my guess is all those involved believed they could take advantage of a Chinese immigrant they targeted that he would eventually give in to giving up his home.  My other guess is that Judge Golia was possibly being bribed by the bank as such to participate in such fraud.  Perhaps those who arranged for the sale of the property were working with the bank to set up the home owner that the court was also in on.  Though the perpetrators went to jail, the bank may still be taking care of them buying their silence.

In any event, the murder of Sheu reminds me of the murder of JFK by those in the government and subsequent cover-up with the removal of the body and change in the autopsy report.  It's not news to me there are cold blooded killing sociopath criminals in our government. For those who refuse to recognize conspiracies are real, all you have to do is study history. For starters, check out the conspiracy to murder Roman Emperor Julius Caesar.  Powerful control freaks use whatever means they possibly can to dispose of their enemies.

By the way, this very thing may be the reason why so many journalists of this day and age lack a spine on such a wide scale.  May Sunny Shea R.I.P. as the hero he is for helping to expose this dark evil sinister element that's taken over our government and judicial system.

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