Saturday, June 18, 2011

Is America's Bubble World About To Burst?

There's a lot of hyped up predictions happening on alternate news I usually ignore but this one caught my attention.  On June 15th, a guest on the Charlie McGrath Wide Awake News Radio Program said he has inside information the U.S. has defaulted and has officially lost its credit rating and the Federal Reserve won't be printing out any more money. 
"There is no more credit for the U.S. gov't, the credit line has been pulled.  They have no choice but to stand aside and allow the markets to collapse.
China along with the Federal Reserve has called in the U.S. debt.  So, it's game over for the U.S.  China is already in talks with buying out several states in the U.S. in lieu of their payment for the money they hold in U.S. currency.  They're looking at Michigan and a couple other states to purchase.  The U.S. is already started to be broken up in sections.

Bank of America will be one of the first banks to go.  What this all means is mass failure of very large financial institutions.  Game over, no more credit.  None, zero zilch.  America's starting to be sold off in sections to foreign interests.  That is it."    - Link to interview
According to the guest, the collapse will happen behind the scenes while people live their every day lives without even knowing it.  The guest also said the U.S. dollar will strengthen over the next six weeks and people will be flocking to it.  The guest finally disclosed that by the end of 2011 the U.S. and world economies will have completely collapsed.

Here's one of Charlie's video rants called "Madness":

A Charlie McGrath rant video back in March, 2011

Here was an interesting post I found that sums up how many Americans feel about what is to come:
Go to Youtube and search "Greek Riots".
This is absolutely out of control.
The police are on the defensive.
I can't wait for the riots to come to America.
Police have been killing Americans with impunity for so long and laughing at people as they get away with beating and killing them.
Our prosecutions are political witch hunts as our government allows its partisans to commit felonies.
Justice for the bank fraud and oppression are coming due.  The masses must teach the elite that crime does not pay.

All the jokes about getting raped in jail.  All the oppression.  All the criminal racket justice with criminal judges, prosecutors and police abusing their authority and using the justice system to prevent justice.   All the arrogant piece-of-shit judges acting as if they are God demanding that they be called "Your Honor".   All the, "Calm down and quit resisting.", as police mercilessly beat Americans who were curled up in a fetal position.

All the judges who retaliated with draconian sentences for people exercising their rights only to have further injury added to injustice when people demanded Constitutional rights!
All the judges who make it impossible to hold the police responsible for their crimes against the people.

A reckoning is coming! Let them fucking fear now!  Let's see how funny they think it is now!  Let's see how they gang up and beat on some guy and then charge him with resisting arrest.  The time for American justice is coming.  I hope it comes to every American city.  We will see how tough these peice of shit cops are then.

What America needs is a police registry so when they start oppressing the American people, the people know where these criminal live and know where to go.

We will see what big bad-asses they are then as they earn the just rewards for all the lives they have destroyed.

I can't wait until they try that here with armed Americans!
Now is not the time to let the government have your guns!

See you boys soon! - Forbes Discusses Stock Sell-Off Amid Massive Greek Riots

As for all those who are still watching American Idol and their sports programs acting like everything is okay, stop if you want to survive what is to come because time is running out.