Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Police Torture Innocent Victim Over Crooked License Plate Traffic Stop

Back in 2009 a young Bruce Harper was pulled over for having a crooked license plate.  Harper made a mistake of not obeying what the police officer said when he got out of his car to ask what he did wrong.  Harper kept asking questions in a peaceful manner and the police officer would not intervene for a reasonable resolution.  Instead, the police officer responded by torturing Harper repeatedly with a taser, even when the victim was on the ground handcuffed.

This horrifying video is an example of how police officers torture innocent people for simply not obeying their every whim.

Needless to say, a lawsuit was filed resulting in an undisclosed settlement tax payers in Bountiful Utah will pay for. Whenever police officers screw up, the tax payers pay for it. Many officers don't even lose their jobs for their misconduct.

What this all means is that police officers are torturing people on the tax payer's backs.  Sadly, there are plenty of sadists in America who believe the police acted correctly to torture someone for mere disobedience and questioning them.  I personally believe police officers should have to pay for these settlements for their egregious unlawful activities by retroactively losing their jobs and pensions.

 Bountiful City Settles Taser Lawsuit