Thursday, June 30, 2011

So Where The Hell Is The Antichrist Already? I Want To Kick His Ass!

As many Americans prepare for a long-haul with survival supplies after they've deduced a tremendous economic upheaval up ahead, the one question remains for a few; where the hell is the Antichrist?  Millions of people steeped in Biblical revelation studies have all been waiting for decades to learn who the hell is going to be the one world religion Messiah? What dumb ass is going to play the role of the one world religion emperor and go down in history as a tremendous farce?  If YouTube content's any indication, the time of the beast's entry on the world stage may soon be upon us. I say, bring em on cause I want to kick his ass!

It always amazes me when I hear people think President Obama's the Antichrist.  One of the main attributes of recognizing the one world Messiah is the miracles he performs and various supernatural feats.  Does Obama perform miracles?  It seems Obama has no supernatural powers whatsoever as a mere mortal who can't even get Guantanamo Bay closed as one of his many failed campaign promises. Clearly, Obama's just a slick politician with a huge media propaganda machine.   This isn't to say Obama won't play some role in helping promote the Antichrist when the American and world economy collapses or that he doesn't have attributes of the Antichrist.  Obama obviously does incorporate much deception, back stabbing evil with his two faced personality.

This guy Mark Halperin was right when he called Obama a "dick" on Morning Joe broadcast yesterday:

I don't know anything about Mark Halperin, except that he's definitely opposed to dicks.  Listen to how he later bows down to the leader of the free world, apologizing profusely as if his eyes are about to be gouged out for daring to be honest.

The slogan "Yes We Can" was chosen for good reason.

Mr. Antichrist and his followers:  Excuse me for not worshiping you, I'd rather die or kick your ass doing it, then worship the Antichrist and those who have accepted such an evil deceptive spirit.  The new world you and "your people" are ushering in isn't for me.  'Yes We Can" spoken backwards is translated "Thank You Satan" as just one example.
You can thank President Obama for sexually assaulting you and your children at airports through his TSA by the way.  "Yes We Can" goons are everywhere.

First allow me to back step back a bit to disclose I happened upon the writings of those from the dark side back in the early 1980's who would seek to usher in a one world religion.  Unfortunately, back in those days the New Age movement was prevalent and I was hanging out in a Hermosa Beach book establishment that lit cheap smelling incense, the infamous Either/Or Bookstore.  Since I was raised early on as a Catholic, I was marked early in life with all kinds of horrendous psychological things to deal with.  I eventually came across some of the writings of an insane Benjamine Creme, some say is the father of the New Age movement, who today is attempting to usher in his man as the one world Messiah. Today Creme is the head of an organization called Share International putting out commercials on major media broadcasts such as the one below:

A lady forewarns of the great deception of the coming one world Messiah showing one of his organization's commercials.

Today I figure because I was reading this absolute bullshit and sending it off to an Illuminati based  psychiatrist, the Illuminati haven't left me alone since. They always find me wherever I work, live and harass me to no end for not following their protocols.  I tried to break free by sending letters around but that didn't work, they'd find me that way too.

What many people fail to understand is the Antichrist has many working on his behalf in the spiritual dimension, that he takes on a form of omnipresence working through his servants as such.  One particular deceptive astrologer comes to mind as being a real pain in the ass at this current time who I need not name.  The Antichrist works through all kinds of high level people in our culture including lawyers, judges and police, and you can spot them by the level of deception and victimizing innocent people they're involved with.  One of the primary characteristics I've noted of people with the spirit of the Antichrist is they always seem involved in class oppression, wanting to place others beneath them much as fascists do.  In doing so, they often use extreme methods of humiliation, torture, murder and all kinds of means to fulfill their endless insecurities.   

In my research on who the damned one is, the idiot came to my attention through another one of those The Best of Art Bell programs featuring an interview author of The Warning, Kathleen Keating back in 2002. Keating revealed her belief that "Maitreya", who promotes himself as a world teacher and performs miracles, is going to become known as the world Messiah, a/k/a Antichrist one day.  Keating added Maitreya is affiliated with the United Nations and recognized as the Messiah by many in that organization.

Since the time of the world Messiah disclosure a decade ago, Keating has virtually disappeared from public view likely because many of her event time frame predictions were way off.  Many like Keating fall into the trap of trying to predict pivotal events in the future having to later pull out of public view in embarrassment.  Now, I'm not saying Keating is at all a prophet of future events, but it does appear one of her claims of who the Antichrist is rings true.  I've been doing some research on YouTube and came across evidence the evil one appears to be preparing for his entrance on the world stage soon.

This video reveals 177 healing water wells are located around the world thanks to Maitreya's organization that mimic similar Jesus Christ healing events.

The only way to kick this idiot's ass is not accept his mark, whatever it may be. It may come in the form of a RFID chip implant that they're inflicting poor cats and dogs with these days. It may come in the form of other types of things like surrendering one's mind and spirit to machines.  All I can say is from my experience, the Illuminati don't leave those alone who they believe are still part of their family. You may attempt to reject them all you like, but they will hunt you down and kill you off one way or another, much like the Borg who kill off those who can't be assimilated. These people have plans for mass murder and tyranny straight up ahead.

Please note that while surfing for various pictorials of the antichrist for this post I definitely felt slight nausea and dizziness being affected with the search.  My stomach also was immediately responding with discomfort.  Right now I even can feel a little heart burn.  I'm absolutely serious that it affected me having to find photo depictions of evil.  My body has a physical reaction to it all.