Saturday, June 25, 2011

Taboo Lifted For Gays & Lesbians Who Can Fly To New York To Marry

From my perspective, on Friday night heterosexual men in particular lost a huge "right" to force lesbian and bisexual women all over the country into a state of fear and intimidation as second class citizens.  Many people have no idea how intense the pressure is on young single women who have various obstacles placed in their lives by predatory men at corporations and in law enforcement to "tag" them for not conforming to their expectations.

Such devices include political intimidation and jabbing to force one into submission that one must work like a slave for a lower wage while observing the special perks given to 20 something's men who have leased BMW's, girlfriends and others they are screwing on the company property to make sure every hole is plugged in their favor. That's how shallow these spoiled cock sucked heterosexual men have been from my experience. Williams-Sonoma Corporate headquarters from the 1990's comes to mind here.

American men have largely viewed sex as a sport in our society in which they seek to plug every attractive woman they possibly can regardless if they themselves are married.  The intimidation and pressure has been too enormous for many women to deal with they simply give in to living a stereotypical life. Gradually, a long unhappy face appears on women's faces as many feel hopeless having no legal recourse. These type of bullying men breed hatred, anger, frustration and even ulcers on a wide scale for many women who have had no voice whatsoever.

I speculate the reason gay marriage has been so difficult to obtain is due to all the wonderful perks heterosexual men receive in our culture.  These spoiled men have likely feared their easy lives of a huge pool of attractive women to draw from and use to their discretion is perhaps nearing its end.  Men have feared that if gay marriage ever became legal, women would start marrying one another and they're right.  Had gay marriage been legal in my 20's or even 30's, I would have sought to marry a woman in a heartbeat.  Many women will find one another a much better option now that the legal taboo of gay marriage has been lifted. Women are now better educated then men and well integrated into the work force enabling them greater freedom of choice.

The days of intimidation are now over since those women who really aren't that into men can choose for themselves if they want to marry the same sex.  Game over for spoiled heterosexual men who have had special perks and privileges offered them all of their lives!  The game is over because women can now say "get lost" to these SOB's while having a real alternative to some of their lame Wiener-like asses.

People can now fly to New York from all over the country and get a marriage certificate. You don't even have to be a resident of New York to marry there.