Friday, July 22, 2011

Cop Kicked Out of Coffee House By Free Thinking American Business Owner

In an earlier post I suggested a good way for a community to deal with their local police officers' offensive actions, such as when they go about arresting people over an event to feed their community's poor, is to deny them service at restaurants and businesses they frequent.  Under many jurisdictions, business owners may lawfully refuse service to anyone for any lawful reason.   

The videos below provide a good example of how a free thinking American local coffee cafe business owner in Portland Oregon bravely denied services to a police officer.  When police activities become damaging to a community there's a means to respond as such by organizing outraged local business owners to make it clear the corruption will not be tolerated.

The videos below demonstrate how people can organize fearlessly to deal with police corruption in their communities. 

One can observe the rejected Police Officer Jim Crooker enjoying displaying his charm to the media and the support of a local sympathizing woman who blogged over feeling sorry for him. It's these kind of blind women, Cornelia Seigneur, who allow themselves to be easily conned by police officers they sometimes allow into their bedrooms.  Yes I do wonder if the officer got into this lady's bedroom.

A small uproar over the incident ensued in which the officer, through his conduit female witness, complained to the media over being discriminated against for the color of his uniform.  The uproar caused the Red and Black Cafe coffee house owner Jim Langely to later call a press conference with the media about why the officer was refused services being asked to leave.

A local business owner Jim Langley explains at a media press conference why he asked the police officer to leave his Portland Oregon coffee house.

I don't know if the laws allow denial of service in certain jurisdictions across the country. If anyone's considering denying police entry to their business or for goods and services, they will need to check their local laws.  My guess is if the police are largely denied local community business services on a wide scale, there will eventually be legislation to prevent this kind of thing. 

Let there be no doubt, in spite of the friendly mask the police officer wore to the camera, the coffee business owner has evoked dark forces having risked his life to stand up to police corruption.  Depending on the degree of corruption in the community, Langley may be found dead one day by some mysterious accident in which police will block investigation much like the one I posted about earlier of Sunny Sheu's murder and the subsequent cover-up for his standing up to a corrupt judge. 

When people stand up to cop corruption, they're literally putting their lives on the line dealing with a group of Mafia like criminal gang of crooks. Mr. Langley's a brave and honorable man, I wish there were more people like him willing to stand up to police corruption in this manner. 

Officer Crooked!  Officer Crook!