Thursday, July 21, 2011

Inappropriate Use of Police Services At Tax Payer Expense Common in America

This is just another example of police services being used inappropriately in avoiding performing crime fighting duties on behalf of tax payers.  The bicycle cops in Los Angeles (aka the LAPD), apparently having few crimes to prosecute because of so many angels in their small community of several million, have finally found a worthy target to focus their time on.  Ever since the LAPD's disastrous world debut on the Rodney King and O.J. Simpson cases, Angelinos have been wondering what the cops would be doing with their lame ass over paid pitiful selves.

Since 2010, the LAPD has since uncovered a huge threat posed to local restaurant establishments in targeting those friendly little mobile food van street vendors.  These vendors are a long tradition in America bringing much comfort and relief to employees as well as competition to the local restaurant establishments. 

The following YouTube comment says it all:
This boggles the mind. The City of LA issued these trucks permits, and yet the CITY Police are hassling them? The LAPD should stop this bull crap. If the City issued a permit for trucks, then the truck is legal, what more do the LAPD need to know? Meanwhile, a store is getting robbed, and people might die, but the LAPD takes 30 minutes to get there, Because their busy with a Taco truck. Are you kidding me! - YouTube video comment. 
Unfortunately, this Mafia like police activity is becoming a pattern across the United States.  (See Mobile Food Vendors Get The Boot - St. Louis Today)  When police become nothing more than servants of corporations at tax payer expense, citizens know things are running amiss.  Is this the function of the police to be harassing and annoying these business operators as such who are clearly following the law in many cases?  It's okay to be asking for permits, but a chronic unjustified ticketing system of these operators is clearly designed to drive them out of the chosen area.

This video from last year highlights how the LAPD bike police are used for harassment, much like the Mafia, on behalf of local restaurant competition. 
A lady actually went to jail for 45 days for selling bacon wrapped hot dogs!  Such a food combination has been declared unsafe by the health department.  Was it really unsafe or just another one of those tactics the FDA uses to protect the pharmaceutical industry from healthy food companies?  - YouTube Video
Why are police trying to take away a much needed service from their communities?  After all, these mobile food vans are a large tradition in America serving a genuine need for food access convenience and expediency.  The answer is that the local restaurant establishments are complaining to the police that likely offered free meals in return for their assistance.  If this form of bribery is so, the police are therefore acting more like the Mafia would protecting their own interests, not that of the tax payers. 

This story may not seem serious to some, but if this kind of police mentality takes root as it already  has in many jurisdictions such as New York and Chicago, it will grow like wild weed.  If the restaurants aren't providing good food or services, they need to improve instead of complaining to and bribing the police over their competition's activities.  The cops shouldn't be participating in such extreme targeting and harassment using Mafia methods of intimidation against restaurants' competition.

I've always questioned just how effective police services really are and have since come to a conclusion police largely work for their own political interests stealing from and oppressing the tax payer in a form of class warfare.