Sunday, October 30, 2011

Judge Edward Burke Caught On Video Ordering False Arrest

This is a prime example of how people in the legal field often lie and commit perjury against innocent citizens. Ademo Freeman had been sentenced to five days in jail by Judge Edward Burke from Keene District Courthouse in New Hampshire. The charges were for contempt due to, get this, "wearing a hat in court". (A video of that ridiculous incident is also posted below.)  The victim later wanted to ask a few questions about what a waste of tax payer money such a sentence was so he awaited the judge one day leaving his quarters.

When the judge came out, Freeman began asking questions in a professional manner (transcript posted below).  As Freeman followed the judge up the stairway, at the top of the stairs the judge was greeted by law enforcement that was promptly asked to falsely arrest Freeman for allegedly "threatening him".  Little did Judge Burke know, Freeman had a hidden video camera having recorded the conversation.

The opening of this video has an annoying heavy metal opening but quickly will get to the footage of the incident (obviously some band is promoting their music this way, quite clever I must say.)

Here is a video of the "hat incident" in court.  Note how ridiculous it is and how rude they are to this person just grabbing his hat out of disrespect.

Here's a transcript of the judge lying altercation as listed in the article

(Judge Burke enters the building)

Freeman: “Judge Burke, can I ask you a few questions about a hat … and how that constitutes contempt.”

(Burke ignores him and heads for the stairs)

Freeman: “You think people want to pay for somebody to be in jail for five days for wearing a hat?”

(Burke continues to ignore him as he walks up the stairs with Mueller walking behind him)

Freeman: “It’s kind of ridiculous to waste tax-payer money on something like that, isn’t it?

(Burke reaches the top of the stairs)

Freeman: “Sir, I just want to have a conversation.”

(Burke opens the door and motions to the bailiff)

Burke: “Bailiff, bailiff, this person is threatening me about a decision I just made.”

Freeman: “I’m not threatening you ….”

Freeman is then taken into custody and thrown in jail where he spent two nights before he was bailed on a donated $5,000 bond.  On Wednesday, after viewing the above video, the district attorney’s office dropped the charges.

Judges who abuse their power run rampant in the judicial system.  This judge is clearly in contempt of the best interests of the taxpayers! Thank God for video cameras that always tell the truth.