Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Man Arrested For Burglary Of His Own Home By Keystone Cops in Lufkin Texas

This story is as crazy as it gets demonstrating the insanity of law enforcement and the court system these days.  In March 2009 a neighbor called the police because he claimed to have observed a black man kick in the front door of a home in Lufkin Texas.  After nine police officers arrived, they found a man who didn't speak English hiding in the bathroom.  Turns out Marco Saucedo, 30, was the legal owner of the home.
"Saucedo, who doesn’t speak English, did not comply and police entered the home, finding that he had locked himself in the bathroom, according to Lufkin  county prosecutor Gary Taylor. Taylor on Tuesday played dashboard camera video for the jury of five men and a woman in County Court-at-Law No. 2 Judge Derek Flournoy’s courtroom." - Lufkin Daily News
The police officers sprayed pepper spray under the bathroom door forcing Saucedo out only to pepper ball gun him multiple times when he resisted arrest.  Saucedo was injured in the incident with a large gash to his head.  In spite of the fact Saucedo had done nothing initially wrong and owned the home, the police still sought to prosecute him for resisting arrest. Today Saucedo's facing a trial for resisting arrest for the unlawful entry by police officers into his home who essentially tortured him.

It wasn't enough the Keystone cops in Lufkin Texas came into a home unlawfully to torture an innocent home owner, that they had to prosecute him for resisting their unlawful arrest? What kind of monsters are these people?  

Real human beings would have a conscience they tortured a man in his own home and just call it a day.  Instead these beasts of burden terminator machines decided when they didn't have a real burglar they should continue to remain dominating something, anything, for their bruised egos.  The beasts  decided torture wasn't enough that they had to file charges against Saucedo for "resisting arrest."

These are some very ugly evil people not only in law enforcement but the court system. They care nothing of the terror they caused this poor home owner, the pain and torture, and now a trial for human inclination of an innocent person to resist arrest. It's only natural human instinct to want to protect one's self from such an invasion as such. They expect us to just lay down and let them run all over us without just cause.  They're too busy focusing on prosecuting an innocent home owner while not doing their jobs of finding real criminals and that should be a crime in itself since they work for the Lufkin county tax payers!

These cops violate basic human decency towards their fellow human beings. The laws of karma are in full force and effect which they can never escape.  The beasts disrupt the electromagnetic life force grid and will be paying a heavy price for their evil acts one day.

There are some very sick people in the court and legal system.  God help us all.