Friday, July 1, 2011

Notary Public Helps Convict S.F. Attorney David Replogle For Murder

It seems criminals have been using a key document known as a Power of Attorney as a gateway to rob people of their homes by forgery.  Fortunately for the victim, once they discover their homes have been unlawfully sold, they can obtain the Notary Public's journal record that includes a fingerprint.  This thumbprint requirement procedure is key since it's the only way to apprehend criminals.

Think of how easy it would be for crooks to get into a homeowner's life to forge a Power of Attorney in order to sell their home to some shady bank?  This could happen to virtually anyone these days and is a growing pattern. (See my former post Hints of Mafia U.S. Judicial System...)

San Francisco attorney David Replogle was one of the calculating scoundrels who saw an opportunity to take advantage of a lonely old gay man, Clifford Lambert a Palm Springs retiree and former art dealer, to steal his home using accomplices.  Not only did Lambert's home get swindled from him, but he was stabbed multiple times and murdered so he couldn't file a complaint exposing the crime. Lambert's body was never found. 
"Replogle was convicted earlier this year on eight felony counts related to a scheme where a group of purported San Francisco con men robbed and killed Clifford Lambert. His body has not been found, but is believed to have been buried in the desert." - SF Weekly Blog
Thanks to a Notary Public, the crooks were apprehended after one of the them went back to try to steal her journal of notarial events.  In attempting to steal the journal, the incident was reported to law enforcement as a tip that ultimately apprehended the culprits.  Attorney Replogle, a gay man who was formerly recognized as a hero by the San Francisco Chronicle in 2005 crusading against International child trafficking sexual abuse, was found guilty on 8 counts and sentenced to life in prison.

Here's what one key person had to say about Replogle:
In a March 2009 article "The Thomas White Affair," I quoted Richard Zitrin, director of the Center for Applied Legal Ethics at the University of San Francisco, as saying, "He's a piece of shit, in my opinion. ... My field is legal ethics, so I see rotten lawyers all the time. He is pretty much down at the very, very bottom." - SF Weekly Blog
Regarding his quote, "I see rotten lawyers all the time", take note of it for future reference. As the economy gets exceedingly worse, the parasites will be coming out of the woodwork to survive.  As I've formerly reported from my own experience, attorneys often couple themselves with criminals to set-up and steal from innocent victims by manipulating the legal system.  Sometimes judges are in on the scam who ignore any evidence the victim submits to the court in their defense. (See my former post Hints of Mafia U.S. Judicial System...

One commenter of an article stated regarding the truth of the alleged former "hero" Replogle that:
"We have long known that the real pedophile in the case is David Replogle. He slept frequently with young teens in Puerto Vallarta and selected victims based on the bank account as in the case of Clifford Lambert. He and Danny were true "cons" and teamed up against innocent men. Good riddance to Paedophile Replogle." - Puerto Vallarta Ray
As you can see, the San Francisco Chronicle suffers for its lack real journalism, a symptom of reporting on behalf of such a corrupt city.  Real journalists would have researched rather then skimmed the surface prior to putting out such a scam story.