Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pirates In U.S. Government Set To Pillage Rural America With New Executive Order

When those in the major media are panicking over a new Obama Executive Order, you know we're in trouble.  The psychos running the U.S. government are really starting to scare most everyone with their insane power grabs.  From my perspective, the Feds are quickly becoming the enemy of the American people since they're really working on behalf of International interests towards a one world government perspective. The Fed's latest bold move could possibly even trigger a civil war.

While many were distracted with the ridiculous Wiener media frenzy, on June 9, 2011 President Obama signed into law Executive Order 13575, implementing government rural councils to oversee rural America. The Feds are about to implement a plan out of the UN's Agenda 21's playbook to run all of rural America like their corporation in which small American farmers will be required to live up to the government's standards as employees or face serious penalties, including having their land confiscated.

When those in the major media panic, you know the threat to America's food supply is real. One commentator called the Feds crazy and "obsessive compulsive".
"Reagan was wise, these modern-day bastards want to do what? What the hell does Defense have to do with growing crops? I think they want to use this as a backdoor for something sinister, such as gun grabbing and forced-genetic modified (GM) food." - 999SilverDog commenter of video

YouTuber explains Executive Order for Rural Councils

America's enemies are taking over our country like pirates pillaging everything they can while people remain distracted with their television programs and sports events. Those in our government have access to what the future holds and are implementing their infrastructure as such.  Americans need to wake up!