Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Powerful Video: Woman Unlawfully Arrested At City Council Meeting By Corrupt Officials

We see videos of police brutality all the time, but it's rare when we're able to observe corruption in action such as a small city government's attempt to silence the voice of the people.  This story's a good example of how those who assign themselves unlimited power and authority override the law and procedure to  intimidate people from exposing their corrupt activities. Now people around the globe are even involved in this uproar thanks to a powerful YouTube video.  See Quartzsite Incident Brings Jeers From Around The Globe -
"The Mayor steps in and says Jones has been recognized to speak and has not violated the council’s rules, but the council ignores him and has the woman removed even as the Mayor continues to contest. The police officers ignore the Mayor of the city and remove the woman under the orders of the Police Chief. It’s obvious who those cops work for, and it’s not the people." - Arizona: Woman Arrested For Speaking At City Council Meeting -
Please take note in this video that Mayor Foster overseeing this Quartzsite City Council meeting is on the side of the voice of the people who has the full authority the other council members are overriding.

This is an extremely powerful video demonstrating corruption in a small city government.

The lady, Jennifer Jones, began providing information that the council members did not want public so one of the councilmen, Joe Winslow, ordered her removed.  In spite of the Mayor's overwhelming multiple requests the lady be allowed to speak, one can note how the council ignored the Mayor, completely overriding him in spite of the fact he had full authority over the meeting.  Keep in mind the lady is airing the council's dirty laundry.  It was reported Police Chief Jeff Gilbert was so involved in the cover-up of corruption, that he ordered his officers to arrest Ms. Jones at the request of the councilmen.  

How dare this lady speak her mind at a city council meeting with the permission of the Mayor?  One can observe from this video the unsophisticated nature of the Quartzsite police thugs and their hideous physical restraint over this lady as they tried to pry her fingers from the microphone.