Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reasons I Chose To Be a Vexatious Litigant - I Just Couldn't Take It Anymore

I'm proud of litigant in pro se William Windsor who has defeated the corrupt U.S. Federal court system by saturating them with valid motions in his case against judicial tyranny.  In an article posted today Janet Phelan, an investigative reporter who specializes in issues pertaining to legal corruption, states "how use of the vexatious litigant determination has been applied quite liberally of late".   Phelan provided an example of Casey and Marilyn Peters  who were deemed vexatious on the weight of filing only one lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court.
". . . a decision which impacted their ability to recoup monies allegedly stolen from them through decisions by Judge Aviva K. Bobb in probate court. They have also alleged misconduct by Bobb as pivotal in causing the death of Casey's mother, Lee Peters, who was a conservatee. The law explicitly does not allow an individual to be termed "vexatious" for filing one suit." - Access Denied: Judicial Reform Activist William Windsor Deemed Vexatious Litigant -
What this means of course is if one stands up for their rights in a court of law, the court can claim vexatious litigant based on one case such as if it denotes challenging the judicial system in any way. That's how lawless those in the judicial system have become to cover up for their rigged judicial system.

I admit, a while back I went on a sneezing fit with a few lawsuits I filed.  The first one I filed in 2008 was meant to be a joke and means of rhetorical rants after the late 1990's of my being litigated against with two crazy restraining orders in which lawyers generated a lot of fees for themselves.  In my lawsuit against the law firm of Baker & McKenzie LLP, a billion dollar a year global law firm, I had a wonderful time mocking the legal culture that had been allowing perjury, great exaggerations and all kinds of nonsense in restraining orders filed against me years prior.  For anyone who'd like to view my loads of laughs litigation here are a few I filed:

1.  Response to Defendant's Demurrer

2.  Response to Defendant's Motion to Strike Portions of Plaintiff's Complaint

In the late 1990's attorneys had taken my minor disputes at a corporation where I had left a paper trail,  as well as that of roommate conflict opportunities I recently posted about and blew them up as a cover for their client's actions and behavior.  Years later I set the tone of what was to follow of my own litigation activity after getting to know the legal system from within working 10 years at such law firms as Kirkland & Ellis LLP (2 years), Pillsbury Winthrop LLP (3.5 years), Preston, Gates & Ellis LLP (1 year) and Morrison & Foerster LLP (1 year).  If I was such the kind of person these restraining orders claimed, how could I possibly last at such a strict anal law firm as Kirkland & Ellis or Pillsbury?

How I Evolved Into a Vexatious Litigant

After graduating from such an experience working for attorneys as a legal word processor, I then got a paralegal certificate that enabled me loads of fun filing a frivolous lawsuit against Baker & McKenzie LLP.  Yes, I knew my claim was frivolous, but I wanted to document what I experienced being burned multiple times by one of their lesbian employees in HR who was clearly enjoying devastating me with backstabbing games.  I didn't have a lawful case just an ethical one that genuinely caused me emotional distress since I was promised a job there. I suffered months with pay below my usual salary and they kept deliberately devastating me in the most humiliating ways possible.  Yes, I knew all along my lawsuit wouldn't fly but venting in the lawsuit was well worth it to me.  I had loads of fun, it was a blast suing the law firm in pro se.  My favorite part was when I wrote my concerns Baker & McKenzie as a global law firm was superseding the U.S. court system since it was quite obvious the judge wasn't bothering to read my responding briefs.

I've dealt with what I consider to be Nazi based female management oppressing me at law firms over petty ridiculous matters they intentionally provoked for years.  I was thus many times laughing rolling on the floor having loads of fun litigating over silly matters and experiences at a big name law firm.  I also submitted interrogatories wanting phone records of conversation of the HR person over her preferred employee  who she allowed to steal a job from me.

I'm sure lawyers equally laughed over the tremendous farce they created in the late 90's to cover up their clients' conduct where I had left paper trails.  Without my paper trails they had no case whatsoever against me for anything.   In any event, last year I was declared a vexatious litigant primarily due to my litigation debut of my Baker & McKenzie LLP lawsuit, something well worth it to me.   I didn't have to but later paid Baker & McKenzie their $370 filing fee and was done with it.

I never at any moment took my lawsuit against Baker & McKenzie seriously, it was nothing but a joke on them and my official departure working 10 long grueling years at law firms.  Yes, I deserve the vexatious litigant label based on the B&M lawsuit.  I'm sorry for those litigants who don't deserve the label, such as Mr. Windsor, but the courts are so corrupt these days it's best not to file any lawsuit unless you want to make a mockery of the legal system in doing so.

A Losing Battle With A Rigged & Highly Political Court System

These people in the legal system must win at all costs.  You either mock them in litigation in pro se, or lose your serious lawsuit they will mock one way or another.  As for my lawsuits against cyber stalkers, I filed those quite seriously.  I wish I wouldn't have, but I felt I had to.  I won a default judgment and the other one was dismissed.

I'm sorry Mr. Windsor received his vexatious litigant determination as well as the others in this post.  I clearly deserved mine based on my initial lawsuit. I didn't bother to attend the hearing an attorney attended to address my litigation against he and his client.  Judge's do whatever they want these days and the court system is clearly rigged in favor of its players.  When it gets so bad, for some it comes down to simply a matter of mocking the system for what it is, a rigged lawyer's and judges game.

Unfortunately, my B&M case affected the outcome of one of my cases against a cyber stalker.  I have no idea if what I encountered working at B&M was influenced by materials the cyber stalker had posted about me which contributed to their playing games.  In any event, my head was being played with by various individuals that I felt it was intentional and destructive towards me.  I just felt I had to do something to counter it all.