Thursday, July 14, 2011

U.S. Dollar's Headed Underwater Forcing Americans To Sink Or Swim

There was a prediction last night by Dex on Wide Awake News Radio program hosted by Charlie McGrath that the U.S. dollar is going to go under today that I don't believe.  Obviously, no one can predict such an event and there are too many extraneous circumstances involved to make any predictions.  People who make predictions most always lose credibility unless they're gifted prophets.  Even trends forecaster Gerald Celente predicted the economy was going to collapse at the end of 2010 and here we are into mid-2011 still up and running.  I figure Dex has a hefty ego that causes him to seek attention as such.

Let's consider for a moment what would happen if the U.S. dollar crashed. The crash would mean the U.S. economy would be completely without a means of official exchange to purchase food and necessary items until a new form of exchange is implemented. For some the crash would mean terror, for others it might mean freedom of some sort.  As with most Americans, much of my life's revolved around the U.S. dollar slaving for it in some way.  Earning money hasn't come naturally at all and I've often found myself over the years enslaved by forcing myself to do jobs I normally wouldn't do in order to maintain a steady income.  Whatever happens, there will be a huge opportunity for change in many Americans' lives in some capacity.  Maybe some Americans will find freedom from the bondage of money learning there's more to life the slaving for the former all mighty dollar.

Since rumors abound of the dollar sinking towards calamity, why not apply a little creativity to the situation?  So if the U.S. dollar's headed underwater, what real treasures can we find as we sink below the surface from superficial lives over a ponzi scheme financial system we held much illusions over?  The video posted below that went viral yesterday is an example of what happens when earning money isn't the focal point of one's life's purpose.  There are many great rewards in life for people who put other things ahead of the all mighty nearing worthless dollar.  Take this example of a family on a whale discovery boating trip that came upon a unique opportunity to free a dying humpback whale from being caught up in fish nets.  No one was paying these people to do such a thing. The boaters risked their lives to save a young whale that appeared to later thank them with a powerful display of whale joy like fireworks.

 Here's the breathtaking highly recommended video I'd like to share in ending this post. 

This video Saving Valentina about saving a humpback whale from certain death simply can't be missed. It's already had 650,000+ views since it was uploaded yesterday.

When the all mighty dollar dies, many Americans might feel free from its bondage like the whale for at least a small amount of time in their lives. There are real treasures in life beyond money.